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All American 921 Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

The All American 921 21-1/2-Quart pressure cooker is a heavy-duty pressure cooker with a large capacity and is best used for canning, however, you can also use it for many of your cooking tasks.
All American 921 Pressure Cooker Review

When you are canning veggies and nonacid fruit, a pressure cooker is typically recommended because of the high heat it generates that kills off more bacteria than your average hot water bath. This canner/cooker is made with cast aluminum which means it is sturdy.

The screws are also sturdy which seals the lid of the pot requiring no plastic or rubber rings or gaskets. You can hold up to 7 quart jars or 19 pint jars in the 21-1/2 quart capacity it has. It has a 3-setting pressure regulator valve along with a pressure gauge that gives clear readings.

Product Features:

  1. Comes with a large 21-1/2 qt. pressure capacity that holds 7 quart. jars or 19 pint jars.
  2. Made with hand-cast, durable aluminum and satin finish.
  3. Requires no rings or gaskets due to its “metal-to-metal”, steam-tight sealing system.
  4. Comes with the automatic over-pressure release, geared steam gauge and settings of 5 psi, 10 psi or 15 psi.
  5. Measurements are 15-3/8 in. high and an inside diameter of 12-1/4 in.


  1. This pressure cooker is made of high quality and is heavy weight which is seriously close to being industrial strength although meant only as a home cooker/canner. Is built for strength and longevity.
  2. The lid is securely fastened to the pot with the screw-downs and slide clips so there are no worries of blow-outs.
  3. You get almost foolproof operation with the weighted pressure gauge and absolutely no gasket is required.
  4. It is great that it has a metal seal, the plastic ones don’t seem to last and are hard to replace.
  5. It has a high quality dial gauge and reads extremely accurate when used with weighted pressure regulator.
  6. You can rest assured the lid is not moving with the 6 screw-down retainers.
  7. This cooker screams safety with the regulator, the gauge and the pressure relief valve that is fail-safe.


  1. This canner does require at a minimum 16 inches of clearance over your stove so if you have an upper oven over your range, it might not fit.
  2. Also, although being heavy is good for durability and longevity, since it is 20lbs empty, after filling it up, it might be a problem carrying it over to your stove, so keep that in mind.

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