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Angle Grinders Buying Guide

A high quality angle grinder is made up of a variety of features that stand to improve your performance at the jobsite, extend the amount of time you can use the tool comfortably, and basically ensure that you accomplish what you set out to do the first time with the least amount of problems and hassles.

Angle Grinders Buying Guide

Angle Grinders Buying Guide

So with that said, let’s get right into what you should be looking for in an angle grinder purchase.

1. High RPM And High Amperage Motor

The motor that powers the angle grinder should spin at a high enough RPM to take enough material off of your projects to be worthwhile. Around 11,000 RPM is about right for even the most demanding objects. Also, the amperage of the angle grinder should be around 10-12 amps. This is enough power to sand down tough materials and polish objects to an immaculate shine.

2. Vibration Reducing Side Handles

The side handle of an angle grinder should be able to effectively minimize vibration and keep your hands comfortable throughout long hours of use. You’d see through using subpar angle grinders, that without these special handles, vibration quickly gets out of control and makes things very uncomfortable. You’ll be very thankful for the vibration reduction if you choose one with this feature.

3. Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating can help keep an angle grinder free of dust and debris. Especially with an angle grinder, you’ll notice that coatings like epoxy are necessary to keep them clean on the inside.

4. Sealed Switches

The switch mechanism on an angle grinder is especially vulnerable to dust and debris. You’ll find that nearly all newer models of angle grinders, at least the ones that are worth the money, will have a sealed switch mechanism. This prevents debris from coming in contact with the inside circuitry and ensures that the angle grinder will provide a long lifespan of turning it on and off frequently.

5. Variable Speeds

Not all work you do with an angle grinder will require the same RPM speed. Truthfully, you’ll need the variable speed feature to accomplish the most with any angle grinder you choose. For example, polishing concrete will require a different RPM speed than sanding down granite.

6. Advanced Internal And External Architecture

Features like overload protection, soft starting, labyrinth construction that prevents engine damage, a joint system that disengages gears from the motor, and more, are some of the new features you’ll find in angle grinders. It’s important to realize that angle grinders have improved a lot over the years.

They’re more durable and longer lasting than ever before. If you have an older angle grinder, you might consider replacing it with a new one in order to take advantage of the new features and longer life span.

7. Warranty, Amazon Review Score, and Manufacturer

These three factors are true for nearly all the products you’ll find on Amazon. To get the best deal, make sure that your angle grinder comes with at least a 1 year warranty. Most will last for years past this point, but on the odd chance that your product is defective, you can cash in on the warranty.

Secondly, the Amazon review score is pretty much the only way to know if the product you’re considering is worth it or not. A score of at least 4 stars should be first on your mind.

Then, reading the specifics about the experiences people have had with the product should be a close second. Finally, the manufacturer of the product has a lot to do with its lifespan.

Some high quality manufacturers of angle grinders these days are Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Tundra, and Metabo. By choosing one of these top quality manufacturers, you’re ensuring that the product you get will actually last.

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