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AR Blue Clean AR383 Hose Reel Electric Pressure Washer Review

Having a pressure washer can be a huge relief for many people. It’s a great every day tool that can be used for so many things. These things include cleaning the outside parts of your home such as the drainage, your deck and your tile or brick work.

There are many amazing features the AR Blue Clean AR383 electric pressure washer has to offer you when you are looking for a powerful and affordable electric pressure washer. The biggest benefit is that the power cord is 30 feet long and the hose is 20 feet long. You can actually use the AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer all over your home without having to plug it in and out as you move.

AR Blue Clean AR383

AR Blue Clean AR383


This is also a very light weight and compact pressure washer. You don’t have to be super strong to use it. The AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer is also very quiet while it cleans. It’s not like the older models that make a ton of noise while in use. This pressure washer has 1,900 PSI which gives you a ton of pressure. It also has a max volume of 1.5 GPM.

A great feature of this pressure washer is that it has a total stop system. This means that once your finger stops pressing the trigger, it will stop completely. Another great feature of this pressure washer is that you are able to add the soap directly to the machine.

The AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer currently has over 500 reviews and has a rating of 4 stars. It’s a highly recommended electric pressure washer to consider for your home.


  1. Great household washer – The AR383 electric pressure washer has been considered a great pressure for some time now.
  2. It’s easy to use – This pressure is great for even a first time user to operate without any kind of problems.
  3. Great for first timers – The AR383 pressure washer is great for those who have never used an electric pressure washer. It’s super easy to use and clean with.
  4. Powerful – Many reviewers noted that this is a very powerful electric pressure washer. It’s considered as close to a commercial model as you can get.
  5. Compact – The AR383 pressure washer doesn’t take up a lot of space while it’s being used.
  6. Quiet – This electric pressure washer is very quiet while cleaning. You rarely hear it while it’s on.
  7. Great for large and small projects – Many reviewers noted that they had used the machine to clean the sides of their home or to clean their large decks.
  8. Long power cord – The AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer has a very long power cord so that you can move around all your home without having to worry about it being too short.


  1. The parts are mostly plastic – One reviewer noted that the parts of the AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer were made of plastic and it made him wonder how long it would be around for.
  2. Cords gets tangled easily – Just like with other corded washers, this pressure washers cord and its hose does get tangled at times.

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