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Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier Review

Having a baby carrier is a convenient and necessary accessory for many parents with newborns. The option to take your little one around with you without a bulky stroller is great, but finding the right baby carrier can be difficult.There are so many different baby carrier manufacturers that finding the right one can be overwhelming.

When looking for the right baby carrier, the ERGO Organic Baby Carrier should definitely be an option on your list. This cute and convenient baby carrier is available in four different colors and allows you to hold your little one in a variety of comfortable positions.
Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier Review

The carrier converts to accommodate your growing child and will hold them in the ergonomically correct sitting position every time!

At just under $200, this carrier is a little expensive but many parents find the organic cotton, comfortable straps, and small extras pouch in the front is worth it! This is top rated baby carrier definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Product Features:

  1. Four different unisex color options
  2. 100% organic cotton
  3. Thick waist belt with neoprene foam
  4. Various positions to accommodate larger children

ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier Pros:

  1. Great for traveling – If you are planning on traveling a lot, the ERGObaby Organic baby carrier is a great option for taking while traveling.
  2. Keeps baby close with inward facing – This is a baby carrier for children that prefer to be inward facing instead of facing out.
  3. Better for older kids than small infants – This is a larger baby carrier so because of that, the ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier is made for older children such as toddlers.
  4. Great back support – The ERGObaby Organic baby carrier provides a good amount of back support which allows you to wear it for long periods of time with little problems.
  5. Washable – This is an easy to wash baby carrier.
  6. Easy to put on – After a few times of using it, reviewers noted that the ERGObaby Organic baby carrier is super easy and quick to put on. You rarely need help putting it on.
  7. Gets you hands free – With the ERGObaby Organic carrier you can enjoy having your child safe and close to you the whole time while still be hands free.
  8. The great color options are perfect for parents who want to keep this carrier for their next little one.
  9. The fabric is organic so you don’t have to worry about it giving your infant a rash from harsh chemicals.
  10. One of the best features about it is that it keeps your baby in the right position – it doesn’t let them slouch and be uncomfortable!
  11. Despite costing a little more than other carriers, the safe and convenient features definitely make this carrier worth it.

ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier Cons:

  1. Risk of getting a counterfeit product – Because the ERGObaby Organic carrier is a very popular baby carrier, you are at risk of getting a counterfeit product. You can prevent this by making sure you are buying from a dealer.
  2. You need an insert if you are going to use this Ergo with a newborn. Unfortunately the insert can make it a little too warm if you have a little one during the summer months.
  3. Carrying around a hot infant right on your chest can be really uncomfortable; however they quickly grow out of the insert.

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