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DEWALT DW758 8 Inch Bench Grinder Review

DeWalt is making high quality bench grinders these days. They’re a name you can put your confidence in and be assured that you’re actually getting a quality product.

The DeWalt DW758 8 Inch Bench Grinder comes with a 3/4 horsepower induction motor that’s built to last and operate at 3,600 RPM continuously.

DEWALT DW758 8 Inch Bench Grinder Review

DEWALT DW758 8 Inch Bench Grinder


The cast iron base and motor housing keep it stable and ensure that it doesn’t vibrate, and the 12 1/2 inch distance between the wheels give you a generous amount of space to work in. The rear exhaust ports function as a part of the unit for more efficient operation, and you’ll find that by using this DeWalt grinder, that you get professional results every time.

The Amazon review score for this grinder is very good, and the 4.3 out of 5 stars is enough to impress even the most demanding users. Let’s take a closer look at the features:

Product Features:

  1. 3/4 Horsepower Induction Motor
  2. 3,600 RPM
  3. Solid Cast Iron Base
  4. Machined Aluminum Tool Rests
  5. Two Wheel Guards
  6. Two Safety Shields
  7. 12 1/2 Inch Distance Between The Wheels
  8. Three Year Warranty


  1. Powerful motor gets up to speed quickly and without error
  2. Tool rests work well and can be tilted to change the grinding angle
  3. Comes complete with 60 grit and 36 grit grinding wheels
  4. Able to accept other wheel variations as well to expand your project capabilities
  5. Is so well balanced that you can even use it without bolting it down
  6. DeWalt quality – Better than most other grinders in the same category
  7. DeWalt sends replacement parts and honors their warranty 100%
  8. Doesn’t bog down even with difficult materials
  9. Helpful Tip: Be sure to always use hand and eye protection when working with bench grinders


  1. Some reports of a slight wheel wobble – Isolated incidents – Most people don’t have this trouble
  2. Lots of screws to assemble

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