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Porter-Cable 557 Biscuit Joiner Review

Being able to handle a variety of different types of wood and wood pieces is what the Porter Cable 557 Plate Joiner does best. It’s genuinely a great product that lives up to the reputation that Porter Cable has become so famous for.

Porter-Cable 557 Plate Joiner Review

Porter-Cable 557 Plate Joiner


This plate joiner comes with seven different cutting settings to allow you to get more done. The 7 amp motor operates at 10,000 RPM for perfect results every time, and the fence goes from 0-135 degrees with a positive stop at 90 degrees. The four inch blade is able to make standard biscuit sized cuts and it comes with a dust bag, spanner wrench, chip deflector, and centering plate.

It accepts both standard and face frame blades and comes with a 1 year warranty to ensure you don’t get stuck with a factory defect. Professionals and home users alike will love this tool, as Porter Cable is one of the best companies in the world as far as power tools are concerned.

Product Features:

  1. 7 Amp Motor
  2. 10,000 RPM Blade Speed
  3. Tilting Fence 0-135 Degrees – 90 Degree Positive Stop
  4. Four Inch Blade
  5. Microheight Adjustment Knob
  6. Seven Position Rotating Depth Stop
  7. Comes With Centering Plate, Spanner Wrench, Dust Bag, and Chip Deflector
  8. 1 Year Warranty


  1. Smooth and easy to use performance
  2. Priced low enough and built well enough to be called a really good deal
  3. Powerful motor is strong enough to breeze through the toughest of woods
  4. After 8 years of use, this plate joiner performs just as well as the first day it was bought
  5. The Amazon price on this item is much lower than retail stores
  6. Microheight adjustment knob allows you to adjust the cutting depth with perfect precision
  7. Fence system is simple to operate and allows for a variety of precision angles
  8. A little more expensive than DeWalt, but worth the extra cost


  1. Dust bag doesn’t work all that well because the dust port gets clogged up sometimes
  2. You might need to hook up a Shop-Vac to it in order to eliminate dust

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