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Milwaukee 6391-21 Circular Saw Review


There’s a reason why hundreds of thousands of customers choose Milwaukee as their circular saw of choice. You can read all about Milwaukee and their rich history on various pages of the Internet.

The bottom line is, Milwaukee Tools has become a stronghold of quality and dependability in construction tools. The Milwaukee 5391-21 15 Amp 7-1/4 Inch circular saw with blade on the left is one of the best circular saws available on the Internet for purchase.

Milwaukee 6391-21 Circular Saw Review

Milwaukee 6391-21 Circular Saw


With a 7 1/4″ blade diameter, you’ll be able to cut through large wood projects like a hot knife through butter. And, with 15 amps of power and a 5,800 RPM motor, even the toughest jobs will seem like child’s play. That’s a total of 3 1/4 horsepower to power you through your work day. It’s nearly as powerful as a worm drive saw, but at a third of the weight. This is a combination of power and lightweight design that’s tough to beat.

The main handle is actually adjustable to give you a higher level of control and comfort. Weighing in at 10.4 lbs, this is a saw that has some extraordinary power behind it.

In the box comes the circular saw, a carbide tipped blade, storage case, and blade wrench. You also get an owners manual to show you how to operate the saw. As far as corded saws go, this is one of the best.

Product Features:

  1. 7 1/4″ Blade Diameter
  2. Left Mounted Blade For Better Visibility
  3. Super Strong Storage Case
  4. Aircraft Aluminum Shoe With 50 Degree Bevel
  5. Limited Warranty
  6. Time Proven Milwaukee Dependability

Milwaukee 6391-21 Pros:

  1. Well-made – The Milwaukee 6391-21 is made of great parts and also super easy to use. This allows you to use the machine long term.
  2. Made for both left handed and right handed users – This saw is great because It’s easy to use if you are left or right handed.
  3. Powerful – This circular saw is very powerful and the included blade can cut through any wood without any issues at all. Right out of the box you can feel the power this circular saw commands.
  4. Lightweight – While the Milwaukee 6391-21 is super powerful, it’s also very lightweight and easy to take with you as needed.
  5. Made with high quality parts – Many reviewers noted that they admired just how great the parts of this saw were.
  6. Versatile – The Milwaukee 6391-21 Circular Saw is very versatile. It can be used nearly everywhere.
  7. Easy cuts – One reviewer said that the circular saw went through his work like a hot knife through butter. It makes cutting easy and simple.
  8. It’s doesn’t whine – When the Milwaukee 6391-21 goes though the material being cut, there is barely a sound. It’s effortless at cutting.
  9. Can cross cut – This circular saw is able to made a wide range of cuts without any problems at all.
  10. Allows you to recoup the cost of purchasing it quickly – Customers have also reported great results with plywood and a wide range of other materials. Many people have replaced their old saws with this model and have been able to nearly double the amount of work they get done.
  11. Made of extensive magnesium construction and can handle being dropped without bending the metal. Also, the combined aircraft aluminum is strong and durable enough for most jobs.
  12. Five year warranty – The Milwaukee 6391-21 includes a long warranty for just in case.
  13. The handle can be adjusted to 8 different positions, which many people found to be helpful during projects. The big sturdy base is more durable than some other models on the market.
  14. Accepts a wide variety of blades – You can pick and choose the exact blades for your projects.
  15. This corded saw can handle lots of jobs – It’s great for cutting vertically away from you.

Milwaukee 6391-21 Cons:

  1. No laser sights – This is a very basic circular saw. It’s not fancy so there are no laser sights.
  2. There are only two blade choices – Normally you will only need two.
  3. No blade brakes.
  4. Case seems to be designed for something else.
  5. Milwaukee edge guide is sold separately.

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