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FoodSaver V3240 Vertical Vacuum Sealer Review

The FoodSaver line of vacuum sealers are a very popular item! More people choose this brand than any other. Due to the high quality construction and super affordable price tag, this machine will pay for itself in just a few short months!

It features a space saving vertical design that will fit on almost any countertop, a double wide sealing strip to accommodate a wider variety of foods, 2 levels of sealing power, 2 speed options, and a storage area to hold your rolls of sealing bags.

FoodSaver V3240 Vertical Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver V3240 Vertical Vacuum Sealer


That means not only is this product super affordable, but it actually lives up to high quality standards. This item has saved people so much money because they don’t have to throw away food that’s gone bad!

Product Features:

  1. Space Saving Vertical Design
  2. Double Wide Sealing Strip
  3. Two Sealing Levels / Two Speed Options
  4. Storage Area For Bag Rolls
  5. Antibacterial Drip Tray
  6. Built In Bag Cutter
  7. Hose Attachment For Containers
  8. 1 Year Warranty


  1. Even when used frequently, this item continues to perform very well
  2. Hamburgers, chicken breasts, cereal, you name it, the FoodSaver will seal it!
  3. Seals quietly and allows for “One Touch” sealing instead of manual operation
  4. Antibacterial drip tray is fine for dishwashers
  5. Both lightweight and compact, you can fit this item in a cabinet for storage easily
  6. If you freeze your liquid items first, they will seal much better
  7. Even outperforms the pricier models – This vacuum sealer is a great deal that doesn’t cost a lot!
  8. Vacuum sealing gives you lots more room in the freezer!


  1. FoodSaver bags and rolls can be a little expensive
  2. May be hard to find replacement parts

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