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Black and Decker Dust Buster Handheld Vacuum Review

If you are looking for a handy appliance for your kitchen, garage or any area in your home, you might want to consider the hand vac. A hand vac makes a great gift too for your new mother in law, wife and friend who has pets or is a car lover and more.

When searching for a hand held vacuum cleaner, it is important to find one that is powerful and efficient. Homes are filled with dust, hair, dander and other things and it can be very challenging to get it all cleaned up with a regular vacuum cleaner. No one likes lugging up a heavy upright vacuum up a staircase either.

This is what the hand vac is made for. These devices have powerful suction just like a regular vacuum but they are portable and light enough to carry around the house. It is important to understand though, that not all hand held vacuums are designed equally.

Black and Decker CHV1410L Dust Buster Review

The Black and Decker CHV1410L 14.4-Volt Lithium Ion Dust Buster has fifty percent longer reach than their last design, allowing for more accessibility and less bending over to get to harder-to-reach areas where dust often hides.

Black and Decker Dust Buster Handheld Vacuum Review

Black and Decker Dust Buster Handheld Vacuum

It has retained the light weight and portability of earlier models, making it ideal for small jobs or a quick clean-up. It features a slim, rotating nozzle that can reach dirt in tight spaces such as between floorboards, and its attachable wide mouth makes it suitable for bigger jobs as well.

All of its accessories are housed on the body of the device, so there are no loose items that might get lost. The vacuum’s cyclonic action pulls debris and dust away from the filter, keeping its suction strong.

Product Features:

  1. Black and Decker’s Smart-Charge technology requires as little as half the energy of other models.
  2. The device charges five times faster than other models.
  3. Its slim, rotating nozzle grabs dust from small spaces.
  4. It has half again as much reach as earlier dustbuster models, allowing improved accessibility and less bending.
  5. All accessories such as the brush and crevice tools are stored on the body of the vacuum, so there is no need to worry about items getting lost or misplaced.

Black and Decker CHV1410L Pros:

  1. It says powered a long time – One reviewer noted that it seemed like the machine would stay on forever because it never once had gone dead.
  2. Long neck – The Black and Decker CHV1410L’s neck is made for tight spaces.
  3. Twist nozzle – This is made for you to reach those tighter locations at many different angles.
  4. Easy to clean – There are never any problems disassembling this machine to clean all the internal and external parts.
  5. Portable – The Black and Decker CHV1410L is great for taking with you whenever you need to clean up a mess.
  6. Powerful – It has a good amount of power. Many people noted this hand vac had more power than their previous ones and that power is long lasting.
  7. Continuous use time – The Black and Decker CHV1410L has a use time of about 9 to 11 minutes.
  8. Rechargeable – This hand vac is very easy to recharge and it doesn’t take too much time to get charged either. The LIB battery holds a great energy charge for its volume and lasts a long time.
  9. Helps clean up anywhere you want to – Because it’s portable and small, it’s made to clean up anywhere you need to.
  10. It’s lightweight – The Black and Decker CHV1410L weighs very little and is easy to carry and move.
  11. Features an attractive design, bagless canister design – People love bagless and the design of this machine makes people enjoy it even more.
  12. It’s compact – It’s made to fit into small areas and be there whenever you need it to be. The nozzle rotates, which is a useful feature.
  13. Its high energy density means that there are no problems with memory and the charge lasts a long time.
  14. This model is easy to clean, bagless, and comes with a plastic filter.
  15. To empty the barrel, all you have to do is press on the tabs to unlock it, then shake the canister out into a bag or a trash can.

Black and Decker CHV1410L Cons:

  1. Suction doesn’t work everywhere – The Black and Decker CHV1410L doesn’t feel like it has enough suction to clean upholstery. This could be an issue with the machine being full. Be sure to clean it before using it on upholstery.
  2. A bit noisy – The Black and Decker CHV1410L Dust Buster model is a bit noisy, but its advantages far outweigh this. A very small price to pay for how effective it is!

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