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BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000 Watt Dryer Review

Soft and fast drying hair that is shiny is what all women dream of having with their hair dryers. When you have a decent hair dryer, this type of hair will come naturally and you will not need to concern yourself with brittle and dry hair when you use this type of hair dryer on a regular basis.

This is due to these types of hair dryers being made with smoothing ionic technology and ceramic coils for far-infrared heating that is gentle. Far-infrared heating will be much more gentle on your hair when compared with the basic blow dryers that blow out harsh heat.

Instead of having your locks dried out of it’s natural moisture, this type of heating preserves this moisture because it seals the shafts and warms each one of your strands from the inside out to replenish your hair and keep it healthy.

A hair dryer is nothing more than a simple hair care tool to dry your hair. However, many of these tools that are on the market these days are far more than just a “tool” for drying your hair, but come with added features that help nourish your hair and provide you with a variety of styles.

BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000 Watt Dryer Review

BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000 Watt Dryer

BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000 Watt Dryer


If you are in the market for a hair dryer and are sick of sales people attempting to get you to buy a super expensive and complicated model, look no further than the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Dryer.

This hair dryer offers ionic technology which releases negative ions and gets rid of static all while reducing your drying time. Far-infrared heat is generated from the ceramic so your hair’s luster is protected.

Product Features:

  1. Comes with Ionic technology of 2000 watts
  2. Includes ceramic of commercial grade porcelain that offers outstanding air pressure and high heat
  3. Comes with six speed & heat settings with cool shot
  4. Includes an AC motor with extended-life
  5. Comes with removable filter


  1. This dryer will dry your hair so much quicker than any of the cheaply made dryers out there and it gives your hair added volume too which is great.
  2. It is a super good value and the narrow nozzle on it is great for reaching right down to your roots and blowing the air along your cuticle shaft.
  3. Your hair comes out dry, soft, shiny and full of volume and body and believe it or not, it even comes out better than if a stylist does it.
  4. It is super hot and powerful and is well worth the investment.
  5. It is extremely quiet and does not give off that high pitched sound you hear a lot from hair dryers.


  1. This blow dryer is a little on the heavy side, however, since you are likely to spend much less time on your hair to get it dry, it is not a big issue at all.
  2. Also, it does get pretty hot so if you have thin hair, you might want to keep it on its middle setting when drying your hair.

Other than this, the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Dryer is a great professional type hair dryer that does a superb job.

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