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Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series Smoothies Blender Review

Vitamix Is The Undisputed Champion Of Blenders!

There’s no other brand name in the world that does a better job than Vitamix. In side by side comparisons and tests, this is the blender that professionals choose for their culinary needs the most.
Vitamix Is The Undisputed Champion Of Blenders
Master chefs around the world swear by Vitamix, and they can tell you from first hand experience that they’re nearly indestructible pieces of equipment. Ice, nuts, and other hard food items are no match for the 240 MPH blade speed and 2 HP motor.

And you’ll also notice that you’re able to bring your food creations to the perfect consistency every time, thanks to the variable speed settings.


There’s Tons Of Reasons To Use Vitamix As Your Blender Of Choice!

Endorsed by the Culinary Institute of America, this is one of the best investments you can make for professional, world class blending results. With this blender, you get a two cookbooks of over 300 different recipes, all able to be expertly crafted through the use of your Vitamix 1365 CIA Professional Series.

Imagine, the power to create a nearly endless assortment of scrumptious food creations that will impress your patrons, friends, and family. If you’re finally serious about getting into blending, this should be one of the first blenders you consider.
 There's Tons Of Reasons To Use Vitamix As Your Blender Of Choice
With a 7 year warranty, you can be sure you’ll really get your money’s worth out of the Vitamix CIA Professional Series. That’s 7 years of iron-clad protection that Vitamix stands behind 100%. And if you’re in the food service industry, you already know how important reliability can be when it comes to getting the job done.

That’s why, since 1921, Vitamix has risen to the top of the food service industry and graced the countertops of countless expert chefs who refuse to use any other brand. Why? Because Vitamix really is that good, and they’ve proved that this the blender that trumps them all.

Smoothies Turn Out Perfect – No Clumps, No Gobs, No Kidding!

If you’re really into blending smoothies and making your own creations out of fruits and vegetables, this Vitamix CIA Professional Series is the perfect companion. Instead of juicing, you get all the fiber that nature intended.

You’ll stay full longer and get to reap the benefits of all the live enzymes and phytonutrients. Plus, the smoothies turn out smooth as silk, every time. With the help of the super powerful motor, you’ll never experience clumps of unprocessed food in your smoothies. The end result is amazing! The blades spin at 240 MPH, ensuring that every tiny piece of produce gets “smoothed out” into the perfect consistency.

Just Say No To Cheap Blenders That Don’t Get The Job Done Right! Upgrade To A Vitamix!

For most people that work for a living, having a $500 piece of kitchen equipment isn’t that big of a deal. Plus, it’s guaranteed to last for 7 years without defect. And, when most people are asked what they’re willing to spend their hard earned money on the most, they’ll tell you their HEALTH.
Smoothies Turn Out Perfect - No Clumps, No Gobs, No Kidding

Although it costs a bit to buy it initially, the performance and reliability is well worth the asking price. There’s a reason why professionals choose Vitamix for their culinary creations without hesitation. Because Vitamix truly is the best blender that money can buy. Period.

Let’s take a closer look at the feature set of the Vitamix CIA Professional Series:

Vitamix 1363 Features

  1. 2+ Horsepower Motor
  2. Motor Cooling Fan/Thermal Protection
  3. 240 MPH Blade Speed
  4. Two Recipe Booklets (300 Recipes)
  5. 64 Ounce BPA Free Container
  6. Vented Lid/Removable Plug
  7. Easy Self Cleaning
  8. Instructional DVD
  9. 7 Year Iron-Clad Warranty

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Vitamix 1363 Pros:

  1. When you’ve finally made the decision to stop messing around in the kitchen, Vitamix is as professional as it gets
  2. Allows you to make a variety of different meal options: Hot soups, sauces, smoothies, frozen desserts, nut butters, and lots more!
  3. Heavy duty and able to withstand constant use and abuse – No matter what happens, the 7 year warranty is there to keep you safe
  4. The Vitamix is great for people who prefer fiber in their drinks
  5. With the 300 recipes that come with the blender, you’ll be off to a fantastic start right away
  6. Nuts and other hard food items come out completely smooth – Give your smoothies a boost
  7. Crushes ice effortlessly into whatever consistency you choose
  8. Super easy to clean – Just add a drop of dish soap, put the lid on, and turn it on high speed for about a minute
  9. For people who are committed to enjoying a healthy diet, the Vitamix is the perfect addition to a kitchen
  10. Proudly made in the U.S.A
  11. 64 ounce jar capacity allows you to get a lot blended in a short period of time
  12. Soups come out velvety smooth
  13. Some people don’t like to eliminate fiber from their diet by juicing – The Vitamix gives you all the health benefits of naturally occurring fiber
  14. Large pieces of produce that would ordinarily take hours to consume can be liquified down to a fraction of their initial size – Drink a head of romaine quick and easy, kale, you name it
  15. Just say no to subpar blenders that don’t get consistencies right – This Vitamix is the blender of all blenders, the Big Kahuna
  16. Professionals prefer and use this brand more than any other – You can have this super high quality for home use too

Helpful Tips:

  1. Mixing your greens in with delicious tasting fruit can help mask the taste and make it more tolerable

Vitamix 1363 Cons:

  1. At nearly $500, this is not a cheap blender and not everyone will be able to afford it
  2. If you can’t make use of it on a regular basis, spending the money on it really doesn’t make much sense
  3. People remark that this machine is kind of loud – Pets who are sensitive to noise don’t like it

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