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Waring DB60 Portable Electric Hot Plate Review

Whether you are looking to cook in a travel trailer, small apartment, vacation property, boat or dorm kitchen, utilizing an electric hot plate is the perfect solution. These units are portable so they may be utilized in any type of situation that requires the use of reliable heating regardless if you are making use of it as a back up for entertaining guests or for a primary cooking source.

Electric hot plates may be used by people who are not looking to buy a full size oven or stove and prefer to save on electricity. They do not take up a lot of space and are great for preparing those smaller dishes.

Electric hot plates utilize both single and double burners which are known as the two burner hot plate. Consumers might get overwhelmed when looking for an electric hot plate since there are so many available on the market.

Waring DB60 Portable Electric Hot Plate Review

Waring DB60 Portable Electric Hot Plate Review

Waring DB60 Portable Electric Hot Plate


Having an additional burner can be quite handy, however having two is ultimately better. The Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner features 2 cast iron, heavy-duty burner plates that are brushed in stainless steel.

It fits perfectly on any countertop and features a large plate (1300 watts), two plates that are cast-iron as well as a smaller plate (500 watts) which quickly heats up and provides stable heat retention.

Product Features:

  1. Measurements are 19 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 4 in., comes with 1 yr limited warranty
  2. Includes rubber feet that are non-slip, brushed stainless steel construction and a low silhouette design
  3. Includes adjustable individual thermostats and “ready” and “on” indicator lights
  4. Ensure you have stable heat retention with cast-iron, durable plates that heat up quickly
  5. Comes with a large, 1300 watt plate and a small 500 watt plate


  1. This is the ultimate commercial quality, professional unit your money can buy and the burners on it heat up quickly and stay hot for even frying and cooking.
  2. You can even boil water as well as cook pasta on this due to how hot it gets and this is even inside a large pot since the larger burner is so big.
  3. Clean up on the flat surfaces is almost instant and it is not made of cheap plastic but rather real metal which gives it a quality look and makes it simple to clean.


  1. The only real concern with this unit is that the longevity of the plastic side might not be that long since this unit does get pretty hot on the higher heat setting.

Overall though, the Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner does a perfect job cooking up food, boiling water, cooking pasta or any other thing you want to throw at it.

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