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Husqvarna 450 18 Inch 50.2cc 2 Cycle Gas Chain Saw Review

Husqvarna – A Legendary Name That’s Stood The Test Of Time

If you asked the average outdoorsman to make a list of companies that they think are the best in the business, undoubtedly Husqvarna would be on that list.

The company began in 1689, making muskets for the Swedish army. Many years down the line, into the present day, this company is now manufacturing chainsaws, motocross and enduro motorcycles, lawn mowers, construction tools, and more.

And if you look at the Amazon review scores and feedback for this company, you’ll see that they’re making top of the line products that are truly built to last.

Husqvarna 450

Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw


Homeowners And Do It Yourself Log Cutters Unite! This Chainsaw Is Perfect For Preparing Firewood

The Husqvarna 450 18 Inch 50.2cc X Torq 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw with Smart Start is a great tool that makes it easy to cut loads of firewood. As long as you don’t need it for professional purposes, you’ll do just fine with this model.

It delivers 3.2 horsepower of cutting ability, making it perfect for medium sized jobs that don’t require extremely long, intense cutting sessions. For homeowners and people that like to have a moderate supply of firewood on hand, or to trim trees, this model will suit you perfectly.

Easy To Start With Low Emissions

Thanks to the X Torq engine, emission levels are 60% lower than you’ll find in competing models. Also, with the help of the centrifugal air cleaning system, pieces of debris are halted before they reach the engine system. And for people that are concerned with fuel consumption, the low emission design allows it to conserve 30% more fuel while still providing an adequate level of performance.

This chainsaw is also incredibly easy to start due to the choke/stop control mechanism. The starter cord provides 40% less resistance too, making cold starts easier than ever. The Husqvarna 450 Chain Saw also comes with a high tech fuel pump, ensuring gas always reaches the motor without error. With all these engine advancements, owning and using this saw is easier than other models.

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Ergonomic Design And A Lightweight Frame

Husqvarna 450One of the greatest things about using this chainsaw is the fact that it is so light and easy to maneuver. Beginner chainsaw enthusiasts will enjoy using it as a starter model because it helps you build the strength you need to use larger saws. This model even has an inertia activated chain brake that prevents injury from kickbacks.

Anti-Vibration Technology Keeps Your Hands Comfortable During Long Cutting Sessions

If you ask a professional chainsaw operator what one of the biggest problems with a lot of chainsaws is, they’ll tell you the VIBRATION. It’s really difficult to put in a full work day when your hands are constantly being subjected to extreme vibration from the engine.

The handle on this saw is asymmetrical, it has an ergonomic trigger, and a rear handle with soft inlay. It helps to reduce hand and arm fatigue by a landslide, and this saw is pretty affordable too.

The Husqvarna 450 Is An Affordable Investment That Pays For Itself

If you cut firewood for a woodstove, this chainsaw investment will pay for itself relatively quickly. Also, you can cut firewood for your neighbors and friends and have them pay you for your time and effort. Many people make the choice of burning wood during the winter months because the price of natural gas and propane is so expensive. Cutting firewood takes time, yes, but in terms of what you get from it, the hard work is actually worth it.

Husqvarna 450 Features:

  1. 18 Inch Bar
  2. 3.2 HP X-Torq Engine – 3 Piece Crankshaft
  3. Centrifugal Air Cleaner
  4. Inertia Chain Brake
  5. Choke/Stop Control
  6. 60% Lower Emissions Than Competing Models
  7. 30% Better Fuel Economy
  8. Husqvarna Patented SmartStart System
  9. CARB Compliant
  10. 2 Year Warranty

Husqvarna 450 Pros:

  1. This chainsaw makes a good replacement for worn out saws that don’t do as good of a job anymore
  2. A 29″ diameter tree is easily handled by this Husqvarna – Easy work for this model
  3. Lightweight design makes this an ideal saw for older people
  4. Comes with a bar tool for easy bar changing
  5. Very low vibration with this saw – You can use it all day
  6. For such a small saw, the amount of power delivery will surprise you
  7. After nearly three hours of continuous cutting, this saw was ready for more
  8. Will start on the first or second pull every time, thanks to the SmartStart system
  9. A 12 inch maple branch takes only 10 seconds to cut with this Husqvarna
  10. Amazon has great customer service and they fully refund the customers if they get a faulty saw
  11. Comes with a built in sight glass so you can see the fuel level at a glance
  12. You can make easy chain adjustments with this saw to get you back to cutting faster than other models
  13. You’ll be able to use a 20″ bar with this saw in addition to the regular 18″
  14. Most people who buy Husqvarna products say they would buy them again in a heartbeat
  15. This saw will cut branches, logs, and stumps so easily that you’ll actually look forward to working with it
  16. Kickbacks with this saw are isolated incidents – Very few and far between
  17. Cheaper than overpriced Stihl models and better performance too!
  18. Chain brake system works great and adds an additional level of safety
  19. 2 year warranty is fully backed up by Husqvarna – They allows shine through with their customer support

Helpful Tip:

  1. Ensure that you use “winter grade” bar oil if you’re going to be doing cutting jobs in winter

Husqvarna 450 Cons:

  1. Can’t use 3/8 chains – These chains require less time between sharpenings and have a longer lifespan
  2. Can leak bar oil in storage – Then again this is a common thing with all chainsaws

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