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Ramblewood GC2-48N Natural Gas Cooktop Review

The Ramblewood 2 Burner Natural Gas Cooktop Gives You More Cooking Ability

If you only have one stove, and want more cooking ability in your kitchen, you can’t do better than a 2 burner gas cooktop. Homes that have only one stove and lots of people in the same household can especially benefit from this 2 burner gas cooktop.
The Ramblewood 2 Burner Natural Gas Cooktop Gives You More Cooking Ability

That means certain family members can use the stove, while the other household members can use the cooktop. It certainly eliminates any frustrations that would arise from everyone in the house needing to use the stove. Now you have options, see?

The Ability To Cook On A Countertop Is Yours For The Taking!

This Ramblewood GC2-48N Gas Cooktop fits nicely on most any countertop and can be taken to any house or location that you want. As long as there’s a natural gas hookup, you’ll be able to use this model even without electricity.

Having a portable option that can go anywhere is nice, and most people find that they’re very happy with their purchase.

When The Power Goes Out You Now Have A Cooking Option – Great For Outdoor Cooking As Well

Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop(Natural Gas), GC2-48NImagine the power goes out. What options do you have to cook your food? The microwave won’t work. The stove is disabled because it’s an electric model. That’s where this natural gas cooktop burner comes in handy. And in outdoor cooking type of scenarios, if you have a natural gas cylinder, you’ll be able to cook your food just like you would at home.

This 2 burner gas cooktop is ideal for camping trips and packing in the car during vacations. You’ll be really surprised at how useful these natural gas cooktops can be.

Ramblewood 7,000 BTU Bottom Hob And 11,000 BTU Top Hob Allows You To Cook Quickly And Without Error

This model only comes with two burners, but how many do you really need? Most people can get by just fine with the 7,000 BTU bottom hob and the 11,000 BTU top hob without having to slow down their cooking efforts. The burners cook food quickly, and for people that are used to working with a flame, this is by far the best choice.

The high efficiency performance of this natural gas cooktop means you save money on gas expenses. The burners on the Ramblewood Gas Cooktop are designed to be highly efficient and save you money over the cost of less efficient models.

You can save 20% to 30% on costs if you use it regularly, and there’s nothing better than a gas cooktop that saves you money and cooks great food at the same time.

Ramblewood GC2-48N Features:

  1. 2 Burner Gas Cooktop
  2. Two Gas Burners 7,000 BTU Bottom And 11,000 BTU Top
  3. Highly Efficient Design Saves You 20%-30% On Natural Gas Consumption
  4. Ceramic Glass And Cast Iron Construction
  5. Manual Electric Ignition
  6. Auto Gas Supply Shut Off Safety Mechanism

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Ramblewood GC2-48N Pros:

  1. Glass surface is easy to clean up
  2. Burns fuel very cleanly and efficiently – The savings add up the more you use it
  3. Compact design will fit on pretty much any countertop
  4. You’ll be glad you have this gas cooktop if you REALLY need it – Especially during emergencies, this is a great product to have
  5. For professional chefs that need additional burners, this is a cheap and effective option that’s much cheaper than an additional stove
  6. Free shipping via Super Saver Shipping on Amazon
  7. Doesn’t take long for the burners to light – Manual ignition is pretty fast
  8. Looks beautiful on any countertop

Ramblewood GC2-48N Cons:

  1. On/Off gas knobs are a little too close to the main burner
  2. Burners are a bit too close together for some peoples liking
  3. Comes with only manual ignition – You push the knob down and it lights – With other stoves the ignition is activated by turning the knob to maximum

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