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Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Patio Heater Review

Patio heaters can make fall excursions on the patio a fantastic way to spend your time. They can keep your outside areas warm and provide you with soothing comfort that lasts long into the night.

They extend the amount of time that you can spend outside and don’t cost all that much to own. Many run on propane and natural gas, but others also use electricity. We’re going to help you make the smartest buying decision that you can.

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Patio Heater Review

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Patio Heater


Jumping into a purchase without knowing what goes into a patio heater could mean wasted money. We’re going to make sure you don’t make that mistake.

Throwing a night party or entertaining guests could not be livelier with a commercial patio heater like the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Patio Heater. It enhances everyone’s mood and adds a little magic into the night. It makes a wonderful solution to a night party in terms of warmth and ambiance.

All your guests will be cheerful and happy. Plus, you do not have to worry about the normal night party issues like cold weather as this patio heater is the answer. It is attractive and looks great.

It is designed with sophistication and has a modern day look to it. It turns your patio into a luxurious night spot for everyone to enjoy.

This patio heater is one of the better more powerful heaters in the marketplace, giving off an outstanding 46,000 BTU’s and is incased in an eye-catching dark bronze finish.

It is very portable with its wheels and comes with the Piezo ignition system. If you enjoy the regular night entertainment, this patio heater is a must have.

Product Features

  1. Comes with 46,000 BTU’s
  2. Includes the Piezo ignition system
  3. The burners are made with durable stainless steel and has a double mantle heating grid
  4. Very safe with the tilt valve that is auto shut off
  5. Optional wheel assembly making it portable

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Pros:

  1. It looks nice – The Fire Sense patio heater has a great look to it. That’s mostly because of the bronze color.
  2. Very easy to assemble – This heater doesn’t take a lot of time to put together. The included instructions are very easy to follow.
  3. It is affordable – The price of the Fire Sense patio heater is affordable and money saving. Many considers it a must have.
  4. It works great and is safe – Many people noted that the heater works great, is safe and has had no issues. You can easily fire it up and you are welcomed with instant heat.
  5. Very solid – Even in a lot of wind, the Fire Sense patio heater will stand tall. It enables you to enjoy the winter season outdoors keeping you nice and warm.
  6. It’s easy to move – While it may be solid, it’s also very easy to move around as you’d like to.
  7. It does not use a lot of fuel – This heater requires only one propane tank for a short party.
  8. It heats up a medium outdoor space – People noted that it can heat up a range of space outside. Generally a medium area is just enough.
  9. It’s dependable – The Fire Sense patio heater is easy to use. It’s made to keep the nighttime party going for hours.
  10. It’s user-friendly – This heater is very easy to turn off and on.
  11. The color is rich – The bronze color is a nice feature and matches with every type of outdoor décor.
  12. It is safe to use – The Fire Sense patio heater is very safe and has many safety features for those with children.
  13. Powerful – It is simple to operate, very powerful and offers the highest BTU’s around, meaning you can move it further away and still feel the heat.
  14. You can also buy the snug fitting covers as well which is a great add on.
  15. It offers minimal noise, and it has a blue flame and distributes even light.

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Cons:

  1. Runs through propane pretty quick – A few people pointed out that it runs out of propane quickly. This is mostly due to the weather being very cold. You will likely run out of propane quickly if you constantly use it on its highest setting so keep that in mind.
  2. Range is only 7 feet diameter – The diameter of the heating area isn’t as much as many people hoped it would be. If you are entertaining a lot of guests one night, it is not the greatest heater to keep everyone sufficiently warm; however, if you are having a few people over for cocktails, then it is just perfect.
  3. The instructions are not the greatest – They are hard to read due to the fine print, but you can easily find the instructions online on their website.
  4. Height – It would be nice if you were able to adjust the height of this heater, but not many heaters of its kind have this feature.

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