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Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind Upright Bagless Vacuum Review

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

Hoover – A Brand Name That’s Stood The Test Of Time

Hoover has been in business for over 100 years, and over that period of time, they’ve nearly perfected the art of making high quality vacuum cleaners.

Nearly everyone has heard of Hoover, and if you look at the feedback scores they receive at various stores on the Internet, you’ll see that their commitment to quality really shines through.

If you want the best of the best in home vacuum cleaners, you should check out their product line and read the review recommendations. You won’t be disappointed.

If You Have Pets In Your Home, You Need This Vacuum!

Pets are by far one of the most treasured things we can have in our lives. They give us love, affection, and help make bad days better.

So, if you have pets in your home, you really need the help of a vacuum that can get rid of all the unwanted hair that accumulates throughout the week. If you’re like most people, there have been times when you’ve had pet hair on your clothing, upholstery, and bedding. What a mess!

Now there’s a way to get rid of it all! The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Vacuum is specifically designed to remove ALL the hair and pet dander from your carpets and upholstery, quick and easy.

How does it accomplish this? It’s the specially designed rubber material that allows you to gather hair and dander up almost effortlessly. You’ll find that all that pet hair, the hardest and most annoying thing about owning a pet, is now one of the easiest things to get rid of. This vacuum really makes it happen!

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

The Carbon Filter, Folding Storage Ability And Air Powered Pet Hand Tool Are Really Amazing!

This vacuum comes with a washable carbon filter system that saves you money over the cost of buying filters all the time. Simply rinse it and place it back in the vacuum, and that’s it!

This vacuum is also intelligent, providing you with an alert system that tells you when to check or clean the HEPA filter, rinsable filter, and carbon filter.

This vacuum also comes with a powered pet hand tool that makes removing hair from pet beds and other pet items an easy task. If you’ve never experienced the easy way of removing pet hair from your home, then you should really consider this Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum.

The folding handle system makes storage a snap! All you have to do is fold the handle down, and this vacuum will fit into compact areas easily. People without a lot of storage space will appreciate this feature.

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

Easy Belt Changes And Brushroll Access Makes Maintenance Easy!

Buying a vacuum is one thing, but being able to perform maintenance on it is something else entirely. If you want your vacuum purchase to last, you should buy one that allows you to conduct maintenance on it without skipping a beat.

This model allows for easy maintenance by making belt changes and brushroll access quick and easy. Just be sure to consult the owners manual on how to go about changing the belt and cleaning the brushroll, and you’re on your way!

WindTunnel Technology With Bagless Dirt Collection!

This vacuum features WindTunnel technology that uses air passages to collect dirt and transfer it efficiently into the dirt collection receptacle. Both lightweight and easy to use, this vacuum does a great job of cleaning virtually any carpet type.

It gets deep down into carpet fibers to remove the highest amount of dirt, dust, and debris. And, when you’re done vacuuming, emptying the dirt collection receptacle is as easy as 1-2-3. It’s also suitable for hardwood floors! Just press the brushroll shut off pedal to easily make the transition from carpet to hardwood.

27 Foot Automatic Rewind Cord Takes Care Of Itself!

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

Hoover Windtunnel Pet Rewind

 If you ask most people one of the things that they dislike most about their old vacuums, they’ll tell you they HATE to roll up the cord each and every time they’re done vacuuming. With this model, the cord is stored inside the machine and automatically rolls itself up so you don’t have to mess about with rolling and unrolling it anymore.

This is a great feature of this vacuum and honestly, more vacuums should come with this addition, but don’t.

Now let’s take a closer look at the feature set:

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Features:

  1. 12 Amp Motor
  2. 5 Position Carpet Height Adjustment
  3. Folding Handle
  4. Cord Rewind Feature and 27 Foot Cord
  5. Crevice Tool
  6. Air Powered Hand Tool
  7. 12″ Extension Wand
  8. Upholstery Dusting Brush
  9. No-Scuff Furniture Bumper
  10. 2 Year Warranty

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Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Pros:

  1. Other vacuums just don’t do a good job with pet hair – This one is specifically designed to get ALL the pet hair
  2. People with allergies will love the air filter system – You get a HEPA filter, rinsable filter, and carbon filter, all in one vacuum!
  3. HEPA filter is also reusable – Just wash it with soap, let it dry, and put it back in!
  4. After over a year of continuous use, this vacuum still performs like the day you bought it
  5. Cord retractor never gets stuck and is fast to rewind the cord
  6. Suction is strong and powerful with the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series – You’ll be amazed by how much dirt you pick up!
  7. Bagless design allows you to quickly empty out the dirt and reinstall the receptacle – Plus, there’s no dust with an enclosed collection system like this
  8. At 17.8 lbs, it’s pretty light and doesn’t create a problem for people to use for extended periods
  9. Relatively quiet
  10. This makes a great combination vacuum for people who have both hardwood floors and carpet
  11. People say this is a must have item for people with pets in the home
  12. There are reports of older Hoover WindTunnel models lasting over 10 years! Amazing longevity for under $150 is a great deal!
  13. Hoover is a world class company that stands behind their warranties 100%
  14. For under $150, the flawless performance and durability will make you happy to own it
  15. Being able to change the belt and clean the brush roller is a solid benefit – It allows the vacuum last a lot longer
  16. Comes with attachments that make cleaning pet hair off sofas, beds, and other areas easy
  17. 27 foot cord length makes cleaning large rooms a breeze
  18. This unit makes a great and affordable replacement for old vacuums that have lost their edge
  19. WindTunnel vacuum technology makes this vacuum a joy to own and use

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Cons:

  1. Can’t go into narrow corners well
  2. Is too big to fit under beds efficiently
  3. Extension hose could use some additional length

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