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Brother HL2280DW Wireless Laser Printer For Mac Review

Brother Products Have Been Simplifying Printing For Professionals And Home Users All Around The World!
Brother Products Have Been Simplifying Printing For Professionals And Home Users All Around The World
Since 1962, Brother has been in the business of producing label printers, typewriters, sewing machines, machine tools, fax machines, and a wide variety of other electronic equipment as well. As you can see from the Amazon review scores and by looking at the Brother product lineup, consumers are very happy with the performance, dependability, and overall build quality of their products.

Many professional companies and home office owners choose Brother as their printer company of choice because they consistently achieve amazing results.

Simplify Your Office Setup – A Wireless Printer Doesn’t Have Any Wires To Get In The Way

The less wires you have getting in the way of your office work, the better. This printer provides both wireless functionality and Ethernet compatibility. The electrophotographic laser printing system ensures your documents turn out perfect every time because it’s a very accurate printing technology. It can even scan documents with the included flatbed glass document scanner.

Simplify Your Office Setup - A Wireless Printer Doesn't Have Any Wires To Get In The Way

One feature you’ll really like is the high yield toner cartridge replacement option. It helps reduce costs per page and ensures you get high quality documents at all times. Overall, this is a great machine that got a really good review score at Amazon.

Out of 186 customer reviews, it got 4.5 out of 5 stars. This tells us that it’s one of the best machines out there in terms of overall product quality.

So, if everyone enjoys the performance of this printer, what’s holding you back from buying it? In this article, we’ll fully detail the feature set and also list the Pros and Cons.

Compatible With Macintosh Systems To Give You A Great Apple Printing Option
This printer comes with software that allows it to be compatible with the Apple Macintosh operating system. So if you’ve been looking for a Mac compatible printer that provides a high standard of quality, this is it!

Some printer options you find in the marketplace won’t be compatible with your Apple system, so make sure when you’re shopping for a printing option to fit your Mac OS, that you choose one that’s going to work.

The Brother HL2280DW Wireless Monochrome Printer works with both Mac and Windows systems, and provides flawless performance for both operating systems.

Let’s Take An In-Depth Look At The Feature Set Of The Brother Wireless Monochrome Printer

1. 27 PPM Printing Speed – Being able to get your documents printed fast is important to productivity. 27 PPM is fast enough for most people’s needs.

2. 2400 X 600 DPI Printing Resolution – This is a larger document resolution size than most printers come with, and the image quality is crystal clear.
Compatible With Macintosh Systems To Give You A Great Apple Printing Option
3. Automatic Duplex Printing – If you’re looking to save on paper costs and make the most of your paper purchases, duplex printing prints on both sides of the page, thereby saving you money

4. 250 Sheet Capacity Paper Tray – Your paper tray should be able to accommodate a lot of paper without needing to be constantly reloaded all the time. Fits both letter and legal size paper.

5. Toner Save Mode – When you’re just printing to read a set of documents, and quality doesn’t matter so much, you can switch to the toner save mode to save on ink costs.

6. 32 Megabytes Of RAM – This printer comes with 32 megabytes of RAM to keep the printing speed up to par with other machines

7. Wireless Ethernet and High Speed USB 2.0 – Ensures that wires won’t hamper your ability to get printing jobs done with your laptop or PC. Also, USB 2.0 is the industry standard for high speed data transfer.

8. High Quality Color Flatbed Glass Scanner – Being able to scan your documents in full color is possible with the Brother Wireless Monochrome Printer. Scan to file, OCR, image, and even email. You can also enlarge/reduce documents by 25-400 percent.

9. High Yield 2,600 Page Toner Cartridge Compatibility – This printer allows you to use highly efficient toner cartridges that greatly extend the printing abilities. You won’t have to spend a lot to own and use this Brother printer.

Brother HL2280DW Features:

  1. 27 PPM Printing Speed
  2. High Quality Color Flatbed Scanner
  3. 32 Megabytes Of RAM
  4. Wireless Ethernet/High Speed USB 2.0 Compatible
  5. 2400 X 600 DPI Resolution
  6. Automatic Duplex Printing
  7. 250 Sheet Paper Capacity
  8. Toner Saver Mode
  9. High Yield 2,600 Page Toner Cartridge Compatibility

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the Pros and Cons:

Brother HL2280DW Pros:

  1. Priced at right around $100 on Amazon, this is one of the most affordable and high quality printers you can get for the money
  2. When your other printers bite the dust, upgrading to this long lasting Brother printer will benefit and amaze you with its performance
  3. Setting a manual/static IP address for the printer can resolve any issues with dynamic IP’s/changing IP addresses all the time
  4. For people that don’t need a color printing option, this monochrome printer will do just fine for most applications
  5. The print speed is blazingly fast – People that demand high outputs should consider this printer
  6. 250 sheet paper drawer means less time reloading and more time printing
  7. Can do letterheads, booklet printing, and envelopes too!
  8. Document enlarging ability allows you to improve the existing readability and image quality of printed documents
  9. The LCD display is good for displaying important information and letting you know the printers status
  10. Even when LCD display says the “toner low message”, it will still print for months before running out!
  11. Duplex settings and resizing options are easy with the push of a button – Duplex printing means less paper usage and less stapling
  12. Takes a little time to set up out of the box, but the instruction manual is easy to follow
  13. Great print support for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Mac OS 10.6, and Windows – Great across the board compatibility
  14. Allows you to share printing capabilities across multiple computers – Saves you money!
  15. Even after six months of continuous printing, not a problem in the world with this printer to report
  16. 1200 DPI resolution can make documents look quite spectacular
  17. Even works with Windows 7 – A lot of printers these days won’t work with this operating system
  18. We can’t stress this simple fact enough – This is one high quality, long lasting printer that WILL last!

Brother HL2280DW Cons:

  1. Some people don’t like having to load the additional software that comes with it
  2. Doesn’t print in color
  3. Toner low message can come on a little too early – Overriding the stock settings will allow you to make full use of the cartridge

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