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Brother CS6000i 60 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Sewing machines are great for a variety of craft projects, homemade clothing, blankets, and so much more. Unfortunately finding good quality machines can be so difficult thanks to the abundance of manufacturers out now!

Brother CS6000i 60 Stitch Computerized Free Arm Sewing Machine Review

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine


With so many “high quality” machines out on the market it’s important to read reliable reviews to really find out which sewing machine is for you.

When looking for the right sewing machine, you can always trust a Brother. Brother has been manufacturing the highest quality machines for many years which is why the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine is a fantastic choice.

Not only does this machine have every option available in a very easy to use format, but it has a LCD display screen, sixty different stitching functions, auto threading abilities, and so much more.

Whether you’re a novice sewer, or even an expert, you’ll find that this machine will be able to accommodate your skill level and make it simple and fun to complete a wide range of projects!

Product Features:

  1. Computerized sewing machine
  2. Has over sixty different stitching functions
  3. Able to do seven different types of button holes
  4. Bright and easy to read LCD screen
  5. A wide table accessory to do quilts and larger projects

Brother CS6000i Pros:

  1. A great beginner to intermediate machine – The Brother CS60001 sewing machine is made for those that are either beginners or intermediate when it comes to sewing with a machine. It provides features that allow you to create a wide number of things.
  2. Quiet and controllable – It’s very quiet and it’s super easy to use as well. You will find it one of the quieter Brother machines on the market currently.
  3. Easy to use – It’s very easy to use because of the number of stitches and the beginner features it provides you.
  4. No foot pedal needed – Unlike many other sewing machines you will find that the Brother CS60001 sewing machine is made to be used without the foot pedal or with it.
  5. Top loading bobbin – Few sewing machines offer a top loading bobbin. Having the bobbin on the top allows for easy access. It also allows you to change the bobbin within a few minutes.
  6. The self threader – The self threader is easy to use and long lasting. It makes it easy for beginners and for those with bad eyes as well. Now you never have to hassle with trying to thread a needle again.
  7. Many different stitches – The Brother CS60001 sewing machine has 60 built in stitches that allow you to work within many different fabrics and create a large number of styles with it. You are able to try all the stitches you can think of and create something new with each stitch they have. Includes some fantastic decorative stitching and even heirloom stitches!
  8. Durable – Many reviewers pointed out the their sewing machine had been around for many years and never seemed to give out.
  9. Light enough to put into a bag and take along – Because The Brother CS60001 sewing machine is light weight, it’s very easy to take with you as needed. It is so easy to take to and from a table without any problems!
  10. Versatile – It’s made to be use for a wide number of things. There are people that have made things like purses, wallets, dresses and even quilts with this machine.

Brother CS6000i Cons:

  1. Light – Despite being the best-selling sewing machine this Brother does have one small problem: the light. Everything else is fantastic but it’s hard to see with just the light on the machine to help. You will need a second table light or overhead light with you if you are going to sew with this machine. A small problem that is easily fixed though.
  2. The parts are not replaceable – A few users pointed out that they had requested for replacement parts and weren’t able to get them.

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