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Bestever Baby Mat Review

Bestever Baby Mat

Bestever Baby Mat

With the Bestever Baby Mat your baby gets perfect snuggle time for playtime, naptime or anytime. These mats are large and make a perfect floor cushion for your baby to keep them protected while they are on the floor.

It is a full 31 inches so it offers a lot of cushy comfort for your little one while they nap or play. When not in use, you can easily roll it up or carry it along on trips. Plus, all moms will be delighted to find out that it is also machine washable.

They are great for small toddlers as well who like to sit on them to read their favorite books or watch some television. In fact, they have been reported to be one of the 10 gifts for kids on the Today Show on NBC as well as written about in OK magazine and In Touch.

Product Features:

  1. Machine washable and made with polyester
  2. Made with plush fabric and really soft
  3. May be folded up easily and brought on trips
  4. Perfect for naptime, playtime or tummytime
  5. Very adorable and fully functional


  1. This mat is perfect for that extra tummytime your baby needs or for general playtime.
  2. It is comfortable, versatile and quite fun for your baby and you can easily fold it up to take with you on trips or store away.
  3. It is so cute and very soft and can be washed in your washing machine with no problems.
  4. The designs on this mat will keep your baby entertained and will make tummy and floor time more relaxing because there are no loud noises and no distracting bright colors or toys.
  5. Just an overall wonderful product and a must have if you have a baby in the home.
  6. If you follow the instructions for washing, it will stay soft which will keep your baby in comfort for a long time. Your baby will love pulling on the tail and legs making him laugh.
  7. Even though it is great for taking naps on, it is also a great place to place your little one with some toys for some play time.
  8. Bring it when you are traveling to use in hotel or car or for diaper changes.
  9. It has a really cute design with good quality and nice colors too.


  1. The downside with this mat is it may shed a little bit, however, with babies this is to be expected as they like to grab and pull a lot.
  2. This mat is not really thick even though the picture of it makes it look thick and plush. The edges on it as well as the head are thick, but it has a thin middle.
  3. Also, even though it is stated that it has non-slip material for the back, it is really just a coarse fabric and it does slide around on the hardwood floor.
  4. Also, its not very large so unless you have a small baby under the age of 4 month, they will probably out grow it fast.

Overall, the Bestever Baby Mat is a fun and comfy mat to keep your baby entertained while on the floor.

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