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Black & Decker LCC220 Grass Trimmer Review

The Black & Decker 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Edger is one astonishingly clever, interchangeable lithium electric battery which powers a complete system of tools. It is rechargeable and also interchangeable. Enjoy long electric battery for years. These electric batteries are charged by a power energy star qualified battery charger for a greener eco system.
Black & Decker LCC220 Grass Trimmer Review

The lcc220 20-volt lithium combination kit features a string trimmer as well as sweeper. It additionally features 2 batteries, as well as a battery charger, the cord-free string trimmer offers features like a unique gear drive transmission which provides more powerful cutting power to get the task done much faster.

It features a 12-inch cutting swath for efficient trimming. It has a special spool system utilizing centrifugal force to instantly push out more line when you need it. It effortlessly converts from a trimmer to an edger and immediately starts when the trigger is pulled.

The cordless sweeper has an effective design and effortlessly clears away clutter and debris from areas like decks, drives, patios, walks and garage areas. Its lightweight design is great for easy use and storing.

Product Features:

  1. Comes with 20-volt maximum lithium battery with long lifespan and preserves its charge 5x beyond similar nicd electric batteries
  2. 2x 20-volt maximum lithium ion batteries featured
  3. String trimmer includes a unique gear drive transmission which supplies more cutting power to get the task done quicker
  4. 2-in-1 tool: trimmer simply transforms to edger for cutting along sidewalks and driveways
  5. Sweeper is light as well as highly effective and effortlessly clears away fragments from tough surfaces like decks, walks, garages, patios and drives

Overall, the Black & Decker LCC220 is a lightweight, powerful and silent trimmer and does an amazing job!

Black & Decker LCC220 Pros:

  1. Its single line design adds a great idea to trimming and the automatic feed works very efficiently saving time. Lightweight and easy to deal with.
  2. The motor on the Black & Decker LCC220 trimmer provides you with 20-volts of raw power, giving you the ability to get any job done.
  3. With two 20 volt MAX lithium-ion batteries, this trimmer and edger can give you a perfect edge every single time. You will receive 30 minutes of power from two lithium electric batteries.
  4. Weighing at only 3.7 pounds the Black & Decker LCC220 is lightweight enough to carry around effortlessly. Its electric components make it much lighter than its gas powered counterparts.
  5. This unit allows you to work silently. The electric motor provides minimal nose levels and gives you a smell free work environment.
  6. The versatile construction of the unit allows you to accomplish more tasks without having to buy extra equipment. You can edge and trim without having to change unit or parts.
  7. Spring or summer cleaning will be a breeze with the Black & Decker LCC220. It makes sure you never have to release the string or adjust the string spool. The unit always keeps the spool at optimal length.
  8. The unit is extremely easy to set up and use. In just minutes you can be in operation and giving your yard the perfect cut.
  9. Although the Black & Decker is powered by electricity do not let that fool you. This unit is powerful enough and charges quickly, so you get the same service as you would with a regular gas powered unit.
  10. The unit is backed by a full two year limited warranty. This insures that you have peace of mind when purchasing it.
  11. Light weight, lots of power and tons of trimming being done. Weeds are cut away great.
  12. It switches over incredibly effortless to a lawn edger. It does a great job as a lawn edger as well. The edging quick guide helps produce neat lines along the garage and walkways.

Black & Decker LCC220 Cons:

  1. The edger is a little weak. Needs to be a bit stronger.
  2. Batteries do not last very long and need to be recharged often. Recharging will take about 8 hrs for each battery, but are you really going to use this thing daily? You can easily charge it on the days you do not use it.

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