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Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer Review

Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

The Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer is the perfect solution for quick snacks, gourmet hors d’oeuvres and classic meals. It has flash-frying features that seal the outsides of food so oil absorption is at a minimum.

You can fry egg rolls, potato chips, French fries, tofu and shrimp, fruit, fish fillets, donuts or even mozzarella. The flat Cool Plate is innovative and allows you to use less oil (up to 1/4 less) compared to conventional deep fryers.

The oil heats up safely and stays at a consistent temperature while producing clean flavor. Therefore, you are able to use it over again and still get good results.

Product Features:

  1. Includes technology heating element and cool plate
  2. Has temperature control of 320 to 375
  3. Includes a lid with a viewing window and vessel that is removable with pouring spout
  4. Comes with 1800 watts of power

Breville BDF600XL Pros:

  1. Gets to the temperature quickly – The Breville BDF600XL deep fryer easily and quickly gets to the temperature it needs to and stays there consistently while cooking. You can set the temperature and the fryer does the rest.
  2. Easy to clean up – Many reviewers had a previous deep fryer and noted that this deep fryer was much easier to clean because of its thin temperature probe wires hanging out from the machine. The heating elements are still standard but much easier to remove. Cleanup is not a concern as it all comes apart easily for simple cleaning.
  3. Worth the price – Considering the prices and its features, the Breville BDF600XL deep fryer is highly worth the price. It has a long list of features that normally can’t be found in similar deep fryers within the same price range.
  4. It takes a lot of oil – Because this deep fryer is a bit bigger than others, it takes a good amount of oil which allows you to cook more items faster.
  5. The see through window – One reviewer noted that the see through window was the main reason they bought the Breville BDF600XL.
  6. The basket is perfect size – If you are a family of three or more you will enjoy that bigger size of basket. Many reviewers noted they were highly pleased at just how big the basket was and how much food it could hold while cooking.
  7. Simple to use – The Breville BDF600XL deep fryer is made for the new deep fryer but also the experienced deep fryer. Cooking food is a snap with this fryer. and chicken comes out evenly cooked and moist.
  8. Easy to follow manual – One reviewer was brand new at using a deep fryer and with the help of the manual was able to fry some fish perfectly the very first use.
  9. Slim design – the Breville BDF600XL deep fryer can fit every where on your counter. It’s made to be something you can leave out if needed or place away into a tight place. It’s apartment and small kitchen friendly.
  10. You can reuse the oil for days and your food comes out tasting great every time.
  11. It does not splatter all over your kitchen and the oil seems to be trapped in the vent on the lid so the air in your house isn’t filled up by it.

Breville BDF600XL Cons:

  1. After consistent use, the machine might not hold temperature well – This might happen if you use the machine five times in a row and don’t change the oil more than twice. You will need to use fresh oil and be sure to clean the machine as well as let it dry completely in order to allow it to hold the temperature highly.
  2. Although it says it goes up to 375F, it does not seem to get up that far, maybe around 340F, but food still comes out crispy and tasting great with the Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer!
  3. It is a bit on the pricey side; however, considering what you are actually getting with this fryer, it is worth the price.

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