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Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

Those of you looking for an affordable yet powerful pressure washer will definitely like the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. This Hausfeld model is corded however the thirty five foot cord along with the twenty foot long pressure hose will definitely give you enough leverage to wash anything around your property without problems.
Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

The overall design of this pressure washer is very attractive and convenient. It sits atop two durable wheels and has several hooks around the frame for the hose, cord, and the sprayer.

When in use this dark blue pressure washer outputs 1.5 gallons of water per minute at an impressive 1,800 PSI. making it more than sufficient for all of your residential pressure washing needs!

Product Features

  1. 20 foot hose and 35 foot cord
  2. Storage for both the hose, the electric cord, and the sprayer
  3. Outputs a max of 1.5 gallons per minute at 1.8k PSI
  4. 14 Amp motor
  5. Easy portability due to wheels

Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Pros:

  1. With an 1800 PSI output the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 makes the perfect pressure washer to get the job done. You can use it for an assorted amount of surfaces.
  2. The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is definitely a powerful pressure washer in a very compact and portable frame.
  3. Delivering over 1.5 gallons per minute, this electric pressure washer allows you to clean surfaces quick and easy.
  4. For added accessibility the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 comes with an instant start and stop feature.
  5. With its swivel hose adapter you can easily get anywhere around your house, garage, or property without a problem. The hose can also be stored easily on the on-board storage, and it can also be easily fitted to attach to a garden hose.
  6. The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825’s 120 Volt, 14 Amp motor gives off zero pollution and is odorless. The motor is also made from lightweight and durable material so you can transport it with ease.
  7. For hard spots and deeper pressure washing you are allowed to add one liter of your own powerful pressure water solution.
  8. When not in use start/stop button will shut off the pump if the trigger is not in use. Thus giving a safe environment and added machine life.
  9. The 20 foot easily accessible hose provides you with all the power you need. For added support it comes with a spray gun, a turbo lance, an adaptable fan lance and a 35 foot GFCl-equipped electric cord.
  10. Coupled with its powerful motor and high powered spray, this unit allows you to easily take away grime and grit effortlessly.
  11. Transporting the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 is easy and painless. It’s convenient on board storage compartment allows you to store all of the equipment on the system.
  12. The wheels are very sturdy and the price for this powerful pressure washer is definitely a huge plus!

Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Cons:

  1. Plastic hose connection doesn’t last very long.
  2. Could use a little bit more pressure for concrete blocks.
  3. As mentioned earlier this is a corded pressure washer which does limit it. While the long cord and hose length does help offset its limitations, you will find yourself constantly battling cords with this model.

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2 responses to “Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review”

  1. Max

    As far as the best of the best electric pressure washers, this one has to score near the very top. My old Hausfeld was 10 years old and finally broke one day. That’s a long time! This has been the replacement unit and it’s working out great. I wash my car and house with it to keep up with the maintenance of owning a vehicle and a residence. It does well for what it is. I’m hoping that this Hausfeld will last as long as the old one I replaced. So far so good with no major problems to speak of.

    Max, Simi Valley, California

  2. Mark

    This pressure washer has more than paid for itself. The PSI is strong enough to get through most jobs and it doesn’t use a whole lot of water. I was able to assemble it easily and I never have to fight with it like you do with gas pressure washers. Easy on and off switch with no hassles. The hose is 20 feet, which is long enough to get into most places. My sidewalks have never been cleaner! If you’re comparing gas to electric, go with this electric model. All the power of a gas pressure washer with none of the problems!

    Mark, Waco, Texas

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