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Centrix Q Zone Quiet 1500 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer Review

Centrix Q Zone Quiet 1500 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer Review

Centrix Q Zone Quiet 1500 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer Review

Blow dryers are great tools for hair styling and do a great job on hair styles that are problematic as well as help with various styling procedures.

Having a nice set of locks can really boost a person’s attractiveness and beauty and therefore it is important to invest in hair products that are constructed with natural compounds without any type of harsh chemicals.

Just as important is investing in a decent hair dryer like the Centrix Q Zone Hair Dryer. This is a very powerful and insanely quiet hair dryer that creates healthier looking hair due to its ceramic tourmaline. You can significantly reduce your drying time due to the ionic technology in this dryer as well.

Product Features:

  1. Comes with technology that will reduce noise greatly
  2. Includes a high performance 2 peed motor
  3. Comes with dual cool shot position
  4. Includes back and front of grip
  5. Is lightweight and comes with concentrator

Final Analysis:


  1. This blow dryer is so much more quiet than other dryers and does not give off that high pitched sound you hear with the cheaper type of dryer.
  2. It actually has a low pitch which is much better on the ears and when you have it on its slow speed, you can hardly hear it at all.
  3. It dries your hair super quick on its high speed and if you have short hair, it only takes around four minutes to thoroughly dry.
  4. It is also a fairly lightweight dryer that feels really well made.
  5. The middle heat setting dries quick too and is totally perfect.
  6. This is one dryer you will never regret buying.
  7. Even though it seems like it has a gentle blow to it, your hair really does dry fast and it is built with quality which is great so it should last a long time.


  1. This dryer is a rather large dryer, however, it is not supposed to be a compact unit as it is a “salon” sized dryer. It being so quiet is a fair trade-off for it being big.

Overall, the Centrix Q Zone Hair Dryer is a perfect dryer that will do wonders on your hair.

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