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Choosing the Best Commercial Refrigerator

Having reliable commercial refrigeration equipment is essential for any restaurant or retail business, whether it is a cafeteria, bar, pub or small mom and pop restaurant. Easy-to-reach freezers and refrigerators can not only improve the efficiency of your service but also, in most cases, improve the quality of your servings.

If you are a business or commercial establishment, your refrigerator or freezer is likely to be among the most used equipment, and it is, therefore, essential for you to invest a considerable amount of time and energy in finding one with the appropriate configuration, compressors, and dimensions.

Below I have discussed a few important tips which I believe will help you in choosing a right commercial refrigerator for your business.


The market is flooded with engineering companies serving its customers with a range of products and options. As a customer or as a business, it is your responsibility to choose a brand that is trustworthy, has been in the business for years, respects the voice of its customers and has dedicated staff members to take care of its customers’ needs.

The first place where you will literally get all the information about a brand or company is the Internet. Start digging into the history of brands and current positions by visiting Wikipedia or any other trusted information site. Then look for reviews of any of their commercially available products. If 90 to 95% of the review is positive, it is a green signal. Remember, no company will ever be able to satisfy all their customers, and so a legitimate company will always have some three stars or four stars rating, and in my personal experience, it’s absolutely normal.

Now take the time to find out what kind of guarantees the brand offers on its products. Also check if you receive a damaged product, or if something goes wrong, then will they provide you with the necessary repairs and if it will cost you something.

As a company, you would always like to reduce your energy bills, and it is therefore important for you to look for the Energy Star symbol on the unit in question. Typically, commercial products should have an Energy Star rating of 3 to 5 (the higher the rating, the better). These devices are not only synonymous with energy efficiency, but also energy saving.

Decide Condenser Location

The heart of any refrigeration system is its condenser because that is the only reason why your food and beverages are cold and safe inside the refrigerator.

Generally, in most refrigerators, the condensers are located at the top or bottom. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages given the variety of environments in which they are placed.

The bottom-mounted units are popular for their ease of maintenance, leaning, and accessibility. In addition, thanks to the location of the condenser, the unit operates efficiently, even in a hot environment.

Top-mounted units are preferred by pubs and restaurants for two main reasons. First, they offer easy access to drinks or food inside. Second, they do not trap as much dirt and debris as the lower units and do not blow air when the doors are open.

Now, depending on the setup of your business and the customers you will serve, you will need to decide which type of unit is most suitable.

Check the Size

Now that you have chosen the location of the condenser, you must decide on the size of your refrigerator.

If you had time to visit your local electronics store, you might already know the plethora of options available on the market for general purposes refrigerators. The same is true for commercial settings, but when it comes to doing business, what really matters is size, usability, and capacity.

Refrigerators are available in all possible sizes. They are available in short, tall, double door, triple door, single door, and even swing door variants. The type of the door and size are necessary because they define the accessibility and capacity of the unit.

And when talking of capacity, let me remind you that storage capacity should never be underestimated. As a company, you will always want a unit that will excessively exceed your storage needs because, like any other businessman, you will always want your company to grow. And as your business grows, your storage needs will increase. I, therefore, suggest that you invest in a unit that offers ample storage space, easy access, and is available in the size that suits your needs.

Decide the Purpose

It is essential to know the needs of your kitchen before buying a commercial refrigerator. The purpose of any equipment is to help you streamline your daily work. The objective is to improve your workflow, efficiency without sacrificing quality.

As a food company, your menu will have a significant impact on the type of refrigerator you want in your kitchen. If your servings are mainly related to frozen products such as drinks, ice cream, etc., then you should invest in a refrigerator or refrigerator-freezer combo. If you are a regular restaurant, the combo unit is the best for you. If you are an ice cream company, you definitely need a freezer.

Remember that for most businesses, purchasing a new commercial refrigerator or combo unit is a significant investment, so you’ll always want to make the right choice. I suggest you make a detailed list of all your servings and cooling needs. Then consider a few other factors such as your staff, the size of your kitchen and the number of people entering and leaving the refrigerator. The last thing you would want is for your refrigerator to cause quality and efficiency problems.


Undoubtedly, commercial refrigerators are a necessity in the food industry. Not only do they help protect customers from pathogenic fungi and bacteria, but they also help maintain the quality and freshness of ingredients.

With an appropriate refrigeration solution, any restaurant can quickly improve the quality of its food by maintaining safe food temperatures. Thus, investing in the best commercial refrigerator available on the market will only complement your business and will also improve overall efficiency and revenue.

I hope the tips I have outlined in this guide will help you make the right purchase.