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Delta Power Tools 40-695 20 Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review


  1. 40-695 Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand, Light and Flexible Dust Blower
  2. Unique Dual Parallel-Link Arm Design Reduces Vibration, Noise and Keeps the Blade Perpendicular to the Work Surface
  3. 1.3 Amp Motor Provides 400-1750 SPM with a 3/4-Inch stroke
  4. Up Front Controls, On/Off Switch and Electronic Variable Speed Dial for Ease of Operation
  5. Unique Upper Arm Lock, Hold the Arm in the Up Position, Allows for Ease in Blade Changing and Fret Work
  6. Stand has Multi-Tilt Capacity for Operator Comfort
  7. Oversized Cast Iron Table, 16-Inch X 24-Inch, Tilts 0 To 24 Degrees Left And Right


Delta Power Equipment Corporation 40-695-Scroll Saw-20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Delta Power 40-695 Scroll Saw


Delta Power Tools 40-695 Pros:

  1. Comes with the additional benefit of the upper arm lock for threading your blade.
  2. Very powerful saw that can cut through walnut wood like butter, it could also cut through intricate parts relatively quickly.
  3. The blades are easy to change, and it comes with several adjustment knobs.
  4. The saw comes with a variable speed adjuster; the speed can be reduced so that beginners can find it easy to use.
  5. Heavy duty construction, easy to assemble and mount, quiet, and does not vibrate provided it is firmly attached.
  6. Ability to cut in just about any directions, even angles.
  7. Comes with a large table for ease of use.
  8. The saw is a good purchase with respect to price and quality. There are certainly more expensive saws, but it offers a good quality for the price.
  9. Come with an air blower which keeps the cut line free of debris.

Delta Power Tools 40-695 Cons:

  1. The product might come with some issues right out of the box. There are concerns regarding the broken air hose, problems with the stand or outright refusal to work. Opinions suggest that some level of work needs to be done on the machine before it is operable. But once the problems are sorted, the machine works like a champ.
  2. Users can experience issues with the variable speed of the saw; this is resolved by contacting the customer care.
  3. The material hold-down needs some improvements. It doesn’t hold thin veneers well because the throat is too large.
  4. For ease of use, a foot pedal and a base mounted magnifying light might be required particularly among older people.
  5. The owner’s manual needs an update to reflect the current realities of the saw.