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DEWALT D55151 4 Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor Review

When you want the power of a large compressor in a small design, you want the DeWalt D55151 Compressor. It’s very lightweight at a total of only 58 lbs, enabling you to take it anywhere you can find an outlet.

The soft start functionality helps a lot to make cold starts easy, and the 3.2 CFM rate will have the 4 gallon tank charged all the time. Recharging only takes a few minutes and you’ll be surprised by the heavy duty reliability. This portable air compressor delivers 100 PSI to make household and worksite projects a snap.

DeWalt has been making quality products for years, and this one is no exception. You’ll be able to get years of trouble free use out of this product and it’s rated pretty high in the Amazon reviews. 4 out of 5 stars is really a good score.

So if you want proven DeWalt quality without having to pay a super high price tag, this DEWALT D55151 might be the air compressor for you.

Product Features:

  1. 14 Amp – 2 1/2 HP Motor
  2. 100 PSI Air Delivery
  3. 3.2 CFM Recharge Rate
  4. 4 Gallon Tank
  5. Cast Iron Cylinder
  6. 58 LB Total Weight
  7. 1 Year Warranty


  1. Great for home repairs and general projects
  2. Strong enough to power 3 finishing guns at a time
  3. Not overly loud
  4. DeWalt always stands behind their warranties
  5. Changing the oil on a regular basis will extend the life of this compressor
  6. Works great to nail down hardwood floors
  7. Also good for maintenance on vehicles
  8. Most people enjoy using this compressor because it works so well
  9. Rubber feet keep the compressor from sliding around
  10. A staple product of the building and remodeling industry


  1. Doesn’t come with a coupler
  2. Only one air port

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