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Dirt Devil ND40015 Electric Pressure Washer Review

The Dirt Devil ND40015 Electric Pressure Washer gives you more than enough power at just the right price! Despite being more compact and corded, this Dirt Devil model will definitely be enough to handle all of your residential pressure washing needs from sidewalks and cars clear up to your house and more!
Dirt Devil ND40015 Electric Pressure Washer Review

For ease of use Dirt Devil designed this pressure washer to have long nineteen foot hose that could be reeled in within moments. Additionally spray gun hung conveniently on the side and making for easy cleanup and storage once the project is complete.

Also included with this pressure washer is a turbine driven cleaning brush that utilizes the intense power combined with the stiff bristles to get in the deepest of places and clean!

Product Features

  1. Auto shut off
  2. 19 foot hose with reel in capabilities
  3. Includes a spray gun, wand, and a cleaning brush
  4. 12 Amp motor
  5. Compact design

Dirt Devil ND40015 Pros:

  1. With a 120-Volt 12-amp universal motor the Dirt Devil ND40015 Electric Pressure Washer gives you maximum power with durability and consistency. This compact pressure washer is fantastic for those who occasionally have need of a pressure washer.
  2. With its lightweight design you can carry it all over and when you are done you can quickly reel in the hose.
  3. The Dirt Devil’s 19 foot high power pressure hose gives you a strong spray, with stability. It is easy to handle and can be used to spray down many surfaces and those places that are hard to reach.
  4. The spray gun is the most essential part of any pressure washer, and this is why the ND40015 Pressure Flex’s spray gun is equipped with all the features you need to get the job done.
  5. Delivering 1.6 GPM (gallons per minute) and a PSI of 2000 MAX pump pressure, the Dirt Devil ND40015 is able to clean almost anything.
  6. With an added on detergent tank you can add your own high pressure detergent. Also, because the tank is removable that means you can easily empty and refill it with ease.
  7. The great thing about the Dirt Devil ND40015 is the spray wand; it can give you exactly what you need. Cleaning can easily be adjusted from wide to narrow so you can customize the path you want.
  8. With the 35-foot electric power cord portability couldn’t be easier. You can safely extend the Dirt Devil ND40015 far from your home. It also comes with a GFCI manual reset.
  9. The aluminum pump comes with an automatic shut off switch to prolong your washer and motor’s life.
  10. Safe for you and safe for the environment. Because the Dirt Devil ND40015 is electric that means it reduces the amount of emissions let off into the air.
  11. Other features include a gun holster in which you can store your gun for transporting. A rotary driven scrub brush which gives you a constant rotating motion for special cleaning.
  12. If regular pressure washing isn’t doing the job on tough grime you can use the brush attachment and quickly destroy dirt and grime in a matter of seconds!

Dirt Devil ND40015 Cons:

  1. The machine is made too light, so when dragging the cord it tips over and can cause damage to the machine.
  2. This pressure washer is small and portable but is not really ideal for large projects because of its size.

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2 responses to “Dirt Devil ND40015 Electric Pressure Washer Review”

  1. John

    I was hesitant to buy an electric pressure washer. The idea just didn’t seem like it would allow for heavy duty jobs. However, with this Dirt Devil ND40015 I’m able to get all the jobs done that I need to. The hose is 19 feet, which makes getting into tough areas easy. I’ve actually dropped this machine and it came out unscathed.

    The 2,000 PSI does a good job of getting mildew off tile and grout. Surprisingly strong and well built for an electric model. I really like my pressure washer and for the price of $163.46, it can’t be beat.

    John, Midland, Texas

  2. Sam

    What a deal for the price! It doesn’t leak at all and is lightweight enough to go anywhere! The soap dispenser works well and I’ve used that to clean my car, decks, pool tile, tons of areas! This machine was able to take an oil stain that had sat for months on my driveway and blast it off like it was nothing. 2000 PSI is a lot of power and it gets through pretty much any job easily. Dirt Devil is a quality name and they make tons of great products. I’m thinking of buying this as a gift for other family members.

    Sam, Frisco, Texas

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