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Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove Review

People have evolved since the earlier times when electric fireplaces did not exist and to actually have a fireplace for warmth meant you had to stoke a fire. Now, this job is done for us automatically. Nothing warms up a room better than a fireplace and the electric stove is just the ticket to do this and add some charm to your room as well.

Electric stoves are stylish and clean, they add just the right amount of heat to your room without the need for logs, flames and smoke. No need for gas, wood or vents and nothing to install. No fussing around, just curl up with your loved one and enjoy a relaxing warm electric fire. The flames on these types of stoves are very realistic looking too.

You can really set the mood just right with these, even during the summer months because many may be used purely for the fire without using heat.

Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove Review

The Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove is compact in size and traditional in looks. No need to worry about chimney fires, messy residual of wood or expensive fuel as this unit can be plugged into standard outlet. Use it in any room or take it along to trailers, RVs and such zones that require heating. The stove is clean, safe, fuss and hassle-free option that is easy on environment too.

Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove Review

Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove Review

The traditional feel of CS3311 is taken to another level with matte black finish, subtle metallic highlights and gothic arched frets on door. The flame effect is patented and very realistic, which adds to its qualities.

Product Features:

  1. 3D flame electric stove with realistic-looking fire
  2. Fan-forced heater emits approximately 5,115 BTU’s of heat with no venting
  3. Thermostat control for on-demand heat that warms a room of approx. 400 sq. ft
  4. Flame options available with or without heat
  5. Remote control available
  6. Approximate measurement is 11-2/7 by 20 by 23-1/8 inches

Final Analysis:


  1. Realistic looking flame and heats the space quickly
  2. Very low level of noise
  3. Thermostat function is awesome
  4. Well-constructed unit
  5. Movable to various locations and also attractive
  6. The fan underneath is quiet and it blows out heat to remove chill of the bedroom


  1. Not enough brightness in flames to enjoy in a dark room
  2. Only one setting on remote for on and off but not for changing the temperature

Other than these couple minor issues, the Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove is very realistic looking, gives off some really warm heat, is solid and just looks great in any room you decide to have it in.

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