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Envirocycle Original Composter E20C-BK Review

There’s nothing like a top quality product that’s made in the USA. The Envirocycle Original Composter is made in the United States, and you can rest assured that it’s truly top of the line.

It comes pre-assembled and ready to make compost right out of the box. And, because of the way it’s designed, you also get to reap the benefits of a liquid compost fertilizer, commonly called “compost tea”. It’s also made from recycled plastic, so you can be kind to the environment and make the best compost in the world at the same time.

Envirocycle Original Composter EBC-BK Review

Envirocycle Original Composter E20C-BK


With just a few short turns of the 3.8 gallon removable drum, your compost remains well mixed. The organic compost you make can be used for house plants, outdoor plants, trees, landscape, gardens, and more.

The design has remained the same since 1991, providing people with an easy way to make compost that produces wonderfully vibrant and healthy plants.

Product Features:

  1. 3.8 Gallon Removable Drum
  2. 7 Cubic Foot Capacity
  3. Eight Built In Rollers
  4. Turn Handle
  5. Comes Pre-assembled
  6. Made From Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic


  1. Surprisingly, this item ships free from Amazon, a free $90 value
  2. After 4 years of use, this compost generator still works like new
  3. Large enough to make tons of compost at one time, people rarely fill it all the way
  4. Height makes it easy to break up pieces of decaying fruit without straining
  5. So easy to use a kid can do it
  6. Easy to spin even with a full load
  7. Reports of Envirocycle sending out replacement parts free of charge when something breaks


  1. Price for this composter has gone up recently
  2. Can be a bit tricky for new users to unload the compost

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