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Ergobaby’s Original Collection Baby Carrier Review

Made Using 100% Cotton And Poplin For The Utmost In Comfort And Durability

The 100% cotton and poplin design of this baby carrier has your babies total comfort in mind. Cotton is one of the best materials for babies and most parents already know that.

So if you’re looking for a supremely comfortable, soft, and safe material to carry your baby in, the ErgoBaby Original Collection Baby Carrier is exactly what you need.

And if you want to put that to the test, ask any parent what their fabric of choice is, and they’ll probably tell you cotton.

Ergonomic Design And The Ability To Carry Your Baby In Three Positions!

If you’re a mother or father, being able to carry your baby comfortably is important. A baby carrier should be ergonomically designed for both you and your child, and you shouldn’t have to make any sacrifices in comfort.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

This baby carrier also allows you to carry your baby in three different ways to make the most of the purchase and extend the amount of time you can use it with your child.

Front: This position is best for infants. They can turn away from external sights and sounds that they don’t like, and keep their attention on your face if they need to. Front carry is also a natural sitting position for an infant child.

Hip: Ideal for babies 6 months old. The hip position allows you to carry the heavier baby weight without straining. You also get more support from the baby carrier this way.

Back: This is the best position for when babies weigh the most. When supporting their weight from the back, you’ll be much more comfortable carrying the extra weight.

Padded Shoulder Straps And Waist Belt Keep You In Total Comfort During Long Walks

Padded Shoulder Straps And Waist Belt Keep You In Total Comfort During Long Walks

Padded Shoulder Straps And Waist Belt Keep You In Total Comfort During Long Walks

Your babies comfort is the most important thing. That’s totally true. But you also have to think about yourself. The ErgoBaby Original Collection Baby Carrier also has you in mind, with supporting padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that helps evenly distribute the babies weight so you can use all your muscles to support it.

Long walks are totally easy with this baby carrier, and you’ll find that you never have shoulder or back pain after using it. It fits very snugly, and it’s nice to know that the ErgoBaby company cares as much about your comfort as they do your childs.

Machine Washable Construction Means That This Baby Carrier Is Going To Last You For Years!

Babies can be very messy and prone to spitting up, dribbling, etc. So it really helps that the entire ErgoBaby Baby Carrier is machine washable and able to be put in the dryer as well. You’ll find that it doesn’t lose it’s comfort level and that it keeps the same soft feeling as when you first bought it brand new.

And with a variety of colors to choose from, you can choose the color scheme that your baby likes the most. Choose from Camel, Camel/Black, Cranberry, Grey, and Black.

Get The ErgoBaby Infant Insert For Newborn Support!

The ErgoBaby infant insert allows gives your infant full support for the entire length of the spine. That means your infant will be safe and secure without you having to worry about back or neck injuries. Although it’s sold separately, it’s pretty affordable and finally allows you the freedom to travel with your newborn in front of you.

You can walk easily and without obstruction with your child and you’ll see that he/she will be able to be safe walking with you even at such a young age. At four to five months old, you can remove the insert and use the baby carrier for the remainder of the time that they can’t walk along with you.

ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier Features:

  • ErgoBaby Original Baby Carrier
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Adjustable Waist Belt
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps 24″ – 45″
  • Various Buckles And Support Reinforcements
  • Supportive Hood
  • Five Color Schemes: Black, Grey, Camel, Camel/Black, Cranberry
  • 1 Year Warranty

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ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier Pros:

  1. When other baby carriers wear you out too soon, it’s time to make the switch to the ErgoBaby Original Baby Carrier
  2. Great for grocery shopping trips when you’re baby is too young to fit in the cart – Plus, carts can be kind of dangerous
  3. You can nurse your child discretely in this baby carrier
  4. You can vacuum, do laundry, do dishes, hike, etc with the baby in the Back position easily
  5. Babies don’t usually object to the inward facing position of this model
  6. Great for carrying toddlers around when they get tired
  7. When people talk about this baby carrier, they say it’s the one piece of baby equipment they can’t live without
  8. It’s easy to adjust the straps and, waist belt, and buckles/reinforcements
  9. One thing about babies remains true – They LOVE being carried more than being in a stroller!
  10. Using a baby carrier improves the emotional/physical bond between parents and their babies
  11. The ErgoBaby line of baby carriers consistently gets great review scores from their customers – This company really knows how to design these carriers!
  12. Comes with a zipper pocket so you can store your wallet, cell phone, or other small items safely
  13. Stays comfortable for parents even as the baby grows to heavy weights – 25 lbs etc. – Easy on the shoulders
  14. Best carrier out there for older babies
  15. If you want to use it with infants, make sure to get the ErgoBaby Infant Insert – It’s also gotten great reviews from parents
  16. Slings aren’t comfortable for babies – If you want total comfort, the ErgoBaby Original Baby Carrier is what you want

ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier Cons:

  1. Takes a bit of practice to learn how to get your baby resting on your back properly
  2. Difficult to wear under a coat
  3. The straps are adjustable but can take some practice in learning how to use them just right

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