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Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review

With an attractive orange and black finish the Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer truly looks as good as it performs. The handles have various selections and the motor is conveniently placed atop a trolly like frame that rolls on two large wheels.

The twenty-five foot washing hose itself has a handy storage area on the frame and the material it’s made out of is a very strong PVC/plastic.
Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review
Weighing only 83 pounds and with an 196cc engine that can output 2.3 gallons of water per minute at 2,700 PSI, you can easily pressure wash even the most difficult of projects and have the dirt and grime come off in no time! Perfect for both residential and commercial use, you definitely won’t regret paying a few extra bucks for this Generac pressure washer!

Product Features

  1. 10″ wheels
  2. Weighs 83 pounds
  3. Can’t be used in California
  4. 2,700 PSI can deliver 2.3 gallons of water per minute
  5. Ergonomic spray gun attached to a 25′ hose

Generac 6022 Pros:

  1. If you don’t want to deal with all of the cords and annoyance of corded power washers, but you still want the power and durability of one, then this Generac 6022 is definitely for you.
  2. It’s attractive, has large wheels which makes for easy transportation, and the powerful engine easily blasts out the water so you can get anything clean.
  3. With over 2,700 PSI this Generac 6022 makes the perfect gas powered pressure washer for residential use. Power wash your patio, deck or even your driveway with this powerful tool.
  4. The powerful Generac 196cc OHV engine delivers powerful spray while keeping a small oil shutdown. An added integrated unloaded valve allows you to start your engine effortlessly.
  5. This pressure washer comes standard with a ergonomic spray gun with a easy pull trigger and soft grip for lessened fatigue.
  6. Everything about the Generac 6022 is about accessibility and ease. With the improved axial cam pump you can connect your hose without having to constantly kneel on the ground.
  7. With a 196cc engine and over 2,700 PSI the Generac 6022 can deliver over 2 gallons per minute so you are supplied with the power you need to get the job done.
  8. With 4 quick-click nozzle tips you are able to utilize your pressure washer to its maximum potential. With a 0 degree blast and a 25 degree clean and a 40 degree wash, and soap you can utilize the Generac 6022 to get any job done.
  9. The Generac 6022 gives you all the room you need with a 25 foot hose that is made out of PVC/plastic material.
  10. With an easy to access high-powered axial cam pump you can get the largest amount of heat dissipation while extending the life of your machine.
  11. The durability of this machine is backed by a welded frame for added stability. With an easy start up guide and gun holster you can start working in just minutes.
  12. With a 2 year limited warranty you can be assured that no matter what happens your product will be safe.
  13. The ergonomic handle is soft and cushioned so you don’t get blisters while the trigger is easy to pull so you don’t get tired.

Generac 6022 Cons:

  1. When you compare this Generac pressure washer to similar models one of the things you will notice is that the hose length is significantly shorter. While this one is at only twenty five feet, others are at forty and even fifty feet providing a greater ability to get hard to reach places that you can’t really take the entire machine into!
  2. Poor customer service when reporting for broken parts.
  3. Hose has a swivel so it can get easily get tangled up.

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2 responses to “Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review”

  1. Brad

    This is a great first pressure washer for people who need good quality for medium sized jobs. This has been my first pressure washer experience and I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s easy to roll this thing around and since it’s gasoline, and I don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way. I clean the siding on my house to preserve it and keep it looking nice. Works well for that. I also bought a high pressure soap shooter nozzle accessory that helps to get the house siding even cleaner!

    Brad, Los Angeles, California

  2. James

    For the price I paid, $299.99, this is a pretty good pressure washer. I really like Generac products and they consistently seem to roll out high quality machinery. It’s great for decking, siding, driveways, and car washes. I use it for tons of stuff and this machine has more than paid for itself in terms of the time it has saved me. It always does a stand up job of getting things clean. I’m very impressed. Cleaning the tile floor around my pool has never been easier. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a regular duty machine.

    James, Toledo, Ohio

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