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Greenworks 25142 Electric Push Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks is definitely a leader when it comes to electric lawn mowers. They have consistently impressed their customer base with products that do exactly what they’re supposed to do with the least amount of fuss.

With the Greenworks 25142 Electric Lawn Mower, there’s no need for gas and oil, and there’s virtually no maintenance with this machine at all!

Greenworks 25142 Electric Push Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 25142 Electric Push Lawn Mower


The deck, motor, and blades are a full 16 inches, which means you get a high amount of cutting width. And with 10 amps of power, you’ll be able to get through tough areas of grass with no problem at all. There is also a total of 7 different height adjustments, making for custom lawn lengths that can look absolutely spectacular. It allows you to bag your mulch or discharge it onto the lawn from the rear.

And just take a look at the Amazon review score! Out of a total of 27 customer reviews, it received 5 stars all the way! There’s never been a better time to try out a Greenworks product, and if you do further research, you’ll see that all their products are receiving incredible feedback scores.

This mower is our #3 top pick in the push mower category.

  1. Product Features:
  2. Lightweight Design
  3. 10 Amp Motor
  4. 16 Inch Deck
  5. Rear Discharge Or Bag For Mulch
  6. 7 Position Blade Height Adjuster
  7. 4 Year Warranty


  1. Very easy to adjust the cutting height so you can get a perfect looking lawn
  2. Handle is height adjustable to accommodate people of different statures
  3. Comes already assembled – No assembly required!
  4. Designed with high quality in mind – The designers didn’t cut any corners in the development of this mower
  5. With a long enough extension cord, you can accomplish a lot with it
  6. Power switch is designed with your safety in mind – Requires two hands to start it
  7. This mower is a heck of a lot quieter than gasoline versions
  8. Small size of the mower makes it easy to store away without hassles


  1. Kind of small in size – Will take longer to mow larger areas than with a bigger mower
  2. Bag for the mulch is not very large in capacity

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