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Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer Review

The Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer is an attractive and sleek red corded floor steamer. It has a thinner head that allows you to easily clean a massive floor in no time.

Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer Review

Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer

The tank is able to hold enough water to allow you to steam for 20 minutes straight, while the steam itself gets up to 212 degrees F ensuring almost every germ is destroyed! Additionally you can immediately start cleaning once you get it out of the box because it has a quick start up!

Overall the Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer is a must for anyone who wants clean floors that are germ free and crud free!

Product Features:

  1. Comes with two microfiber pads
  2. Can steam all types of floors including carpets
  3. Kills around 99.9% of all germs
  4. Easy fill tank
  5. Provides up to 20 minutes of steam power

Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer Pros:

  1. The unit was very easy to put together when new. Taken straight from the box it only took a few minutes to be up and running.
  2. The steam-cleaner is extremely light-weight and the motor runs very quietly. Anyone can swiftly steam floors with this cleaner!
  3. Steam cleaned floors very nicely despite requiring a bit more water than listed in the Operating Manual estimations.
  4. Low profile of the steam head allows for ease of cleaning under furniture and cabinets.
  5. Floor cleaning pad is easy to remove and can be machine washed if desired. Cleaned pads can even be hung up to dry as opposed to only flat drying. Versatile construction.
  6. Steam cleans on a wide variety of surfaces, from carpet to tile and linoleum and hardwood flooring.
  7. By using steam rather than chemical laden solutions, the cleaner is safe for use around children, people with allergies and pets.
  8. You will notice a significant difference in the cleanness as well as the freshness.

Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer Cons:

  1. Steam head does not reach completely to the edge of the cleaning pad. Corners, baseboards and around appliances are not fully covered or cleaned.
  2. The electric cord is very short compared to most appliances. This necessitates more frequent shifts from outlet to outlet as you progress around a room.
  3. Housing that holds water bottle in is somewhat fragile and has a tendency to break.
  4. It would be nice to have a little bit of a larger tank even if it was a tad bit heavier.

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