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Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling Review

Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling Review

Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling Review

Babies, for centuries, have been carried in wraps or slings which have been known as a great way to promote bonding.

With the Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling, you get improved features that will help you to carry on this ancient method. If you follow both your instinct and the instructions, you will find more than ten different ways you can carry your little one.

Neither your baby or yourself will get bored with all the cuddling fun. You can use this to nurse your baby at the same time as doing your household chores. Take your little one out shopping with you as this sling will make it so much easier.

Product Features:

  1. It has a pouch shaped design that is curved which makes a pocket that is deep and allows your baby to fit more comfortably with a much better grip on their legs
  2. Avoid neck strain and distribute weight evenly with the Shoulder portion that is lightly padded
  3. Your baby’s thighs will be provided with the perfect amount of cushioning due to the lightly padded railings so there is no worry of any sharp edges cutting into their flesh
  4. No problems with overheating either
  5. Constructed with silky, quality cotton sateen
  6. Weighs around 10 oz and can be packed away inside a diaper bag due to being compact
  7. Has cast copper zinc alloy buckle rings which do not have that factor of a wielding point so no worry of breakage
  8. Get more security due to long tail and easier adjustment due to double-stranded close-end tails
  9. Keep your baby close to you constantly to nurse, snuggle, sleep or rock


  1. This sling is really comfortable and once you understand how it works, it becomes really easy to use.
  2. There are no difficult straps that you have to adjust and you can easily loosen it or tighten it with your baby inside.
  3. The material is made of good quality and is really beautiful. There are various ways that you can carry your baby inside it and it really grows with your baby.


  1. The instructions are a bit of a challenge, however, it looks easy enough to figure out.
  2. Also, you can only wear it one way with its pad being where it is.

Overall, however, the Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling is a must have for all new moms which is why we rated it our second pick for baby carriers.

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