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Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander Review

Let’s take a closer look at the Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag. It features 8.8 amps of power and electronic speed control to maintain speed even under heavy loads.

Also, with a variable speed dial, you’ll have the power to change to whatever speed best suits your projects, from 690 – 1,440 Surface Feet Per Minute.

Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander

Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander

makita belt sander

It has a low profile design that provides good balance, and it even features an auto belt tracking system. And, if noise has always been an issue for you, don’t worry! This belt sander operates at a surprisingly low 84 Db, which most people will find really easy to work with.

The 16.4 foot power cord allows you the freedom to move around well in a shop setting, and you get the best bang for your buck with the included one year warranty.

Professionals really seem to love Makita, but what do the Amazon reviews for this product say? It got 4.7 out of 5 stars. That leads us to believe that this is really is a top quality product, and one that’s worth considering as a professional. You can look for yourself at the Amazon belt sander pages, and you’ll see that this is one of the highest rated options.

Product Features:

  1. 8.8 Amp Motor
  2. 3″ X 21″ Sanding Belt
  3. Auto-Tracking Belt System
  4. 84 Db Noise Volume
  5. 9.5 Lbs Total Weight
  6. 1 Year Warranty


  1. Other belt sanders can’t stack up to the 5 out of 5 Amazon review score on this product
  2. Accomplishes sanding large areas much faster than a random orbital sander
  3. Sands at a high rate of speed (1,400 SFPM)
  4. Handle provides a lot of grab
  5. Dust collection bag can be swiveled out of your way
  6. 9.5 lbs total weight allows you to work with the tool without having to push down so hard
  7. This belt sander is nearly impossible to beat as far as cost and quality is concerned
  8. The included 80 grit sanding belt will get you off and running right out of the box


  1. No vacuum adapter
  2. Dust collection bag can be difficult to work with – Gets in the way sometimes

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