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Oreck Steam-It Review

If you have tile, grout, and/or other hard floor surfaces, you want the help of a good upright steam cleaner. The Oreck Steam-It is exactly what you need to melt away tough dirt and grime from your floor surfaces.

Oreck Steam-It Review

Oreck Steam-It

The dry steam technology doesn’t wet and soak your floors the way you think it would. Instead, the super high heat liquifies stuck on messes and kills most common forms of household bacteria on contact.

This steam mop features adjustable steam amounts to give you precise control over the amount of steam released. That means no wet floors and perfectly cleaned hard surface areas.

The Oreck Steam-It takes about 45 seconds to heat up, comes with four attachments, provides about 40 minutes of steam cleaning power per tank full of water, and best of all, it accomplishes its cleaning action without using harsh chemicals. Using the power of simple water, you’ll have floors that are the cleanest they’ve ever been.

Let’s take a look at the features in list format for a more streamlined view:

Product Features:

  1. 4 Included Attachments
  2. Fully Adjustable Steam Output Settings
  3. Universal Cleaning Clip For Household Towel Compatibility
  4. 45 Second Heat Up Time
  5. Provides Nearly 40 Minutes Of Steam Cleaning Action Per Tank
  6. 1 Year Warranty

Oreck Steam-It Pros:

  1. Quick heat up time will have you ready to mop in under a minute
  2. For people with a lot of tile and/or hardwood flooring, this is an affordable and effective option
  3. Lightweight enough to not be difficult during long periods of use
  4. A steam mop like this one is a lot easier than wheeling around a bucket and a mop – Doesn’t use harsh chemicals either
  5. This model comes with a nice long cord length to ensure you don’t have to plug/unplug unnecessarily
  6. Works fine even upside down! That means you can do windows, showers, glass doors, etc with it no problem!
  7. Handles are well built – Handles on steam mops are usually the first problem reported – This Oreck has well built, sturdy handles designed to last
  8. This product has met and exceeded the expectations of most people who’ve tried it
  9. Buying two or more of these will allow your whole family to tackle weekly cleaning tasks and get them done fast
  10. Keeps grout looking brand new

Helpful Tip:

  1. Don’t EVER use plain old tap water with this machine – Instead, use distilled or purified water to keep the machine healthy

Oreck Steam-It Cons:

  1. Warranty is only good through Amazon.com – If it breaks and you bought it through Amazon, you can only return it to Amazon – Not Oreck
  2. Doesn’t tell you how much water to put in – You have to fill the tank using your own intuition

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