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Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ(114mm) Reflector Telescope Review

The Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ Reflector is part of a line of reflector telescopes that have a great reputation among astronomers for ease of use and functionality.

Orion StarBlast

Orion StarBlast

The very wide aperture and short focal length make it easy to find objects in the nearby solar system and achieve a crisp image. Details on the telescope, like the collimator cap and LED focal finder, allow astronomers to increase their viewing ability as they become comfortable with the telescope.

A sturdy tripod and equatorial mount allows for a stable mount with no shaking once you lock in on an image. Overall, this is a great reflector telescope for the beginning astronomer.

Product Features:

  1. Wide field reflector is paired with large aperture for higher magnification
  2. 15mm and 6mm eyepieces included
  3. Optical tube focal length is 450mm, allowing magnification of 30X and 75X
  4. LED EasyFinder II finder scope for quick manual location
  5. Easily collimate both mirrors with collimation cap
  6. Starry night software for use with reflector telescope to easily locate objects in the night sky
  7. Sturdy tripod and equatorial mount allows you to lock in on objects
  8. Ascension and declination knobs make tracking smooth and exact

Final Analysis:


  1. Learning to use the Orion StarBlast Reflector is easy for beginning astronomers because of the Orion website that is filled with how to videos and instructions.
  2. The smaller scope paired with a wide aperture makes it easy for first time observers to locate objects but still offers incredible detail.
  3. The addition of a collimation cap allows for the alignment of primary and secondary lenses in your Newtonian reflector telescope whenever needed.
  4. The finder scope comes with an LED light so that you can locate and center on objects before switching to the slow motion controls for better focus.
  5. The ability to switch eyepieces to change magnification, or add on with additional accessories, allows for greater clarity and brightness of objects within our solar system. On the clearest nights, with good polar alignment, some of the brighter and closest galaxies can be observed.


  1. The additional tools necessary to collimate both lenses are not included, so if you have to perform this procedure in the field it can be extremely difficult.
  2. Though beneficial, the Starry Night software is incredible and makes finding objects in the sky faster, but it can bog down computers with smaller processors.

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