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Paint Sprayers Buying Guide

Let’s take a look at the buying factors that you should be considering before a purchase. This little guide we’ve made will help you understand paint sprayers a little better so you can be familiar with how they work.

Once you know how they’re designed, you’ll be in a better position to make the smartest buying choice.
Paint Sprayers Buying Guide

That said, let’s take a closer look at paint sprayers and how they’re designed. Here’s what to look for.

1. Airless or HVLP?

In the business of paint sprayers, you basically have two main choices. Airless or HVLP. Both are effective at spraying paint and other materials. The deciding factor is really the PSI at which they function.

An airless paint sprayer operates at nearly 3,000 PSI, allowing you to spray large volumes of material in a short time period. Large industrial size jobs are better suited to the airless variety.

For smaller jobs and painting/lacquer/staining jobs that require less PSI, a High Volume Low Pressure paint sprayer is the better option. They function at extremely low PSI levels of around 5 PSI, which allows you to perform painting jobs like detail work and other measurement specific painting.

There is much less overspray with an HVLP sprayer and many people love them for this reason. For the least amount of overspray and for detail work, and HVLP is the best option.

2. Hose Length

A long hose length allows you to complete room wide projects without having to worry about running short. A 25 foot hose is an adequate length to give you a wide range of coverage. It’s better to have too long of a hose than too short.

3. Motor Horsepower

A 1/2 horsepower motor is about average for an airless paint sprayer. HVLP paint sprayers have much less horsepower and don’t usually disclose what their horsepower rating is. Your best bet is to check the Amazon reviews to see how well the motor functions and if it’s performance at job sites is up to par.

4. Adjustable Spray Patterns

An adjustable spray pattern allows you to customize the spraying to whatever application you need to. With the simple turn of a dial you can turn the spray to round, horizontal, vertical patterns, and more. Adjustable spray patterns can give you more thorough coverage, and you can increase or decrease the diameter so your spray coverage isn’t too much or too little.

5. Air Filter

Dust and other debris can really mess up a finish. So for this reason, manufacturers started making paint sprayers with air filters to remove these offensive particles. Air filters allow you to keep the material spray clean and the result is a smooth and even finish. Look for this feature in your paint sprayer of choice.

6. Manufacturer, Warranty, and Amazon Review Score

These 3 factors are very important. The top manufacturers of paint sprayers these days are Fuji, Graco, Wagner, and Titan. These three seem to have done very well in the Amazon reviews and seem to last for a long time.

The warranty is also important and gives you the added benefit of being able to return any defective item. In this day and age, getting your moneys worth is what it’s all about. Don’t except any substitute for a good warranty.

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