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Porter-Cable 352VS 8 Amp Variable Speed Belt Sander Review

If you’re looking for a quality belt sander with all metal housing, look no further than the Porter-Cable 352VS Belt Sander.

This belt sander comes with variable speeds to help you match the perfect speed to your project. The dust nozzle swivels 360 degrees and you can even hook it up to a Shop-Vac to get rid of dust.

Porter-Cable 352VS 8 Amp Variable Speed Belt Sander

Porter-Cable 352VS 8 Amp Variable Speed Belt Sander


You’ll find that the serpentine drive belt doesn’t make as much noise as cog modeled belt sanders, and it even comes with an advanced gear system to reduce noise and help you improve the quality of your work.

The 8 amps of power is designed to sand down wood at a quick rate of speed and the 3″ X 21″ sanding belt is the same size professionals use to do their best work. You can feel comfortable that this is a well made product that’s worth a second look.

Product Features:

  1. 8 Amp Motor
  2. Variable Speed Settings
  3. 3″ X 21″ Sanding Belt
  4. 360 Degree Dust Bag Swivel
  5. Vacuum Compatibility
  6. Advanced Gear System With Serpentine Belt


  1. Flush sanding up to vertical surfaces
  2. Changing belts and using the adjustment control is a breeze
  3. Ergonomically designed handles provide comfort
  4. Belt tracking with this belt sander is awesome
  5. Very little vibration makes this a comfortable sander to use for hours at a time
  6. Able to be used with a vacuum for efficient dust collection
  7. People say that Porter-Cable really hit a homerun with how well built this tool is
  8. Both powerful and well balanced
  9. Allows you to sand along corners and edges with ease


  1. Dust bag only captures a small portion of the dust you create
  2. Some people think this belt sander is overly noisy

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