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Pressure Washers Buying Guide

Pressure washers are great to remove deep, set stains that accumulate on concrete. Without a pressure washer, you’ll find it very difficult to get concrete clean easily. A pressure washer will blast through tough stains and debris on concrete and leave you with a finish that’s like new.
 Pressure Washers Buying Guide

Pressure washers are also good for washing the outside of a house and keeping it looking great. As a matter of fact, many cleaning jobs can become a breeze through using a pressure washer. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be looking for in a quality pressure washer.

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1. Buy Only From A Top Rated Manufacturer

Not all pressure washers are created equal, and many cheap brands will break down, costing you money to replace it. Some really good manufacturers of pressure washers these days are AR Blue Clean, Briggs and Stratton, Simpson, and Generac. Be sure to read the reviews next to the corresponding item you’re considering purchasing. You can learn a lot from the past experiences of others.

2. Choose The Correct PSI

You should choose the correct PSI, or pounds per square inch, for the jobs you need to accomplish. For light duty jobs, anywhere from 1500 to 1900 should be sufficient. For medium duty, consider a PSI in the range of 2000 – 2800. Heavy duty jobs usually require a PSI of 2900 – 3200. For the toughest extreme jobs, a PSI rating of 3300 and up will be in order.

3. Axial Cam Or Triplex Pump

A triplex pump has a longer lifespan than traditional axial cam pumps. If you’re using your pressure washer for commercial type jobs, then a triplex pump design should be purchased. Otherwise, for around the house duties, you could get by with a axial cam pump. A triplex pump is also of a higher quality standard than traditional axial cam pumps but generally cost more.

4. Buy The Right Pressure Washer Accessories

Simply buying the pressure washer and using the stock accessories will sometimes not be enough. It’s best to shop around for accessories and ask other home owners what they have used with good results. There are wide area surface cleaner attachments, gutter/eave/undercarriage cleaners, wash brushes, and more. You can even get a pressure washer cover to protect your investment.

Take all of these factors into consideration and you should be able to come to a smart purchasing decision, save money, and get a reliable pressure washer that’s going to last.

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