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Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer Review

Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer

Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer

With the Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer, you are able to fry two different kinds of food at the same time. You can even make larger batches due to the dual-basket.

You get a hefty 12-cup food capacity which enables you to fry up family-size amounts quickly while you are cooking up large pieces of fish or chicken in the oblong-shaped baskets.

The thermostat is adjustable and allows you to select various frying temperatures and you know exactly when oil is ready to use with the signal light. Another feature is the 1800-watt immersion element that quickly preheats oil.

You get splatter protection through the unit’s cover while lowering your food into the hot oil and the enameled pot and heating element can be removed easily for fast, efficient cleanup. This fryer gives you delicious, restaurant tasting food all in the convenience of your home.

Product Features:

  1. Comes with oblong-shaped baskets that are perfect for frying up large pieces of fish or chicken
  2. Includes adjustable thermostat for various food temperatures and a signal light to indicate when oil is ready to use
  3. Includes a large 12-cup food capacity which is great for steaming or boiling up seafood and veggies
  4. Easy cleanup with the removable enameled pot and heating element; reduce splattering with the cover
  5. Easily store unit; baskets and heating element can be stored easily in the pot

Overall, the Presto 05466 deep fryer is an amazing fryer that does a really great job at frying up food crispy and greasy free.

Presto Pro Fry Pros:

  1. Ten to fifteenth temperature settings – When it’s brand new or under a year old, the Presto Pro Fry can set its temperature in about ten to fifteenth minutes at the most.
  2. Two baskets – Because this deep fryer has two baskets you can enjoy making two different things at a single time. One customer was able to make about 2 lbs of shrimp in under 1 hour because of the two baskets.
  3. Chicken, fries and wings come out perfectly all together with this fryer – They are crispy and ready in less than 2 minutes. You do not get the excess oil on your fries or wings either.
  4. Very easy to clean – The Presto Pro Fry deep fryer is made to be a quick clean. It is easy to clean and you can even put the heating element, the baskets, lid and the oil pan in the dishwasher.
  5. Performs perfectly – This is a high quality deep fryer so you can trust that it will be long lasting and high performing from the first day you use it.
  6. The manual – Within the box you will find a manual that teaches you tons about the Presto Pro Fry. In the manual you will also find a cooking guide and recipes.
  7. Great for potlucks and big parties – It’s a quick using deep fryer which makes it easy to make a large amount of food very quickly.
  8. Many other functions – Just because the Presto fryer is a deep fryer doesn’t mean it doesn’t have more functions, it also has a steamer and a boiler function.
  9. Holds the temperature – This deep fryer is able to hold the temperature throughout the cooking time.
  10. Compact – The Presto Pro Fryr is a great size because it’s not something that takes up a lot of space.
  11. Very affordable price – You would expect to pay over $200 for a fryer like this, but it is only around $60 on Amazon which is quite a bargain.

Presto Pro Fry Cons:

  1. It takes long time to heat up the oil after its age – While a new machine takes only a few minutes, after a year one a reviewer noted that it took about 20 to 30 minutes for the oil to heat correctly.
  2. The lid is bulky – The lid of the Presto Pro Fry is bigger than others currently on the market. It looks a little big on the kitchen countertop, however it still looks good.
  3. Also, there might be an issue with some people with the power cord only being 2 ft. which is a little short.

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