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Pure Guardian H2500 Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Pure Guardian H2500 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Pure Guardian H2500 Ultrasonic Humidifier

The H2500 72 Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier with Night Light uses clean, advanced technology for mold and bacteria growth prevention throughout the tank of water.

As it humidifies cleansed water, you are provided an environment which is healthy and free of germs and bacteria being spread throughout the air. There are options for the humidifier if you desire a warm mist or cold one.

There is also a running time of 72 hours while on the highest setting along with a tank, 1.4 gallons capacity and has a light indicator to alert the user when water is getting low and it needs a tank refill.

While it is running, this humidifier has an almost silent sound, making it ultrasonic and perfect for sleeping. No additional costs required considering that it is free of filters, evaporating pads and wicks.

Product Features:

  1. Healthy for the home, natural and safe
  2. Spray controls are variable
  3. Light for indication of low levels of water
  4. Soft blue light for night-time
  5. Sound is almost silent while being used

Final Analysis:


  1. This humidifier is very efficient and is super simple to maintain.
  2. Super fine mist capable of bouncing off your hand.
  3. System remains dry, meaning no condensation problems on or around it.
  4. Chamber bacterial build up or mildew problems are non-existent.
  5. Almost completely silent, you do not even notice it is on.
  6. Also, the feature which automatically shuts down the system, helps you know when water needs to be replaced.
  7. No filter for changing and extremely easy for cleaning.


  1. The front blue light is sometimes distracting and too bright.
  2. Also, turning off the tank is a slight pain considering you must fill it upside down and carry it after which can be heavy with water, although it is a tiny inconvenience.

Other than that, the H2500 Humidifier is a perfect humidifier for any home.

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