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Choosing the Right Push Lawn Mower

Push lawn mowers have long been known to provide an excellent workout in addition to keeping your lawn in tip top shape. Getting around shrubs and tree lines is pretty easy for someone using a push mower. They turn on a dime and allow you to get into those tight spaces that are difficult for a riding mower to do.
Push Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

One thing you need to remember to do with a push lawnmower, is to keep the blades as sharp as you possibly can. This ensures that the grass gets cut properly and that there will be fewer, if any, tough spots that you need to go over with a second pass. The cost to own a push lawnmower is pretty easy on your finances too.

For between $200-$500, you can get a high quality push mower that provides years of use without a lot of maintenance needed. As a matter of fact, push lawn mowers cost only 1/3 of the price of a riding mower, and you get a great workout to go along with it.

There are basically two kinds of push mowers to be on the lookout for. Electric powered and gasoline powered. Both have advantages, and it’s up to you to decide which one you like the best and which kind suits your lawn better. With electric push mowers, you have to have a cord hooked up to the unit, but they also require very little in terms of maintenance.

With a gasoline model, you have cordless freedom but you have to ensure you have proper oil and gasoline available, and also that the engine is in good shape at all times.

With a push lawnmower, you have the ability to collect, mulch, or side-discharge your clippings. With the ability to collect the clippings, you can keep your lawn looking fantastic! You can also collect the mulch and use it for gardens and other landscaping projects.

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