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Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop Review

People everywhere are raving about the Shark line of cleaning machines. The Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop is designed to be a great addition in cleaning your hardwood floors, and the steam is activated with the pushing and pulling motion of your mopping efforts.

Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop Review

Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop

The generous 25 foot cord allows you the freedom to move a fairly large distance without needing to find additional outlets, and the 15 ounce water tank is there to ensure you won’t need to be refilling all the time.

The handle height of this model is fully adjustable, allowing people in your household to adjust it to their specific height needs. The head swivels 180 degrees to give you better cleaning performance, and two cleaning pads are included to get you started right out of the box.

With this mop, bacteria doesn’t stand a chance! It eliminates virtually all bad bacteria like E. Coli and leaves your floors perfectly dry.

Product Features:

  1. Kills Harmful Germs On Contact
  2. Releases Steam With Push/Pull Motion
  3. 30 Second Heat Up Time
  4. 15 Ounce Water Tank
  5. 25 Foot Power Cord
  6. Adjustable Handle Height
  7. 180 Degree Mop Head Swivel
  8. Includes Two Cleaning Pads
  9. 1 Year Warranty

Shark S3501N Pros:

  1. Super affordable price tag and “Shark” brand name quality is a great combination
  2. Very easy to put together – Just a few simple steps after taking the pieces out of the box
  3. When compared to mop buckets and mops, using a steam mop cuts the time it takes to clean tremendously
  4. Allows you to mop floors fast and never leaves a wet mess behind – With the Shark, mopping can be fun again!
  5. Even on floors with a “dimpled” surface type, this mop will get into the crevices and clean it so it’s like new!
  6. The pads are washable, allowing you to really get the most value out of this product
  7. Doesn’t use chemicals – The super hot steam is enough to clean nearly any stuck on/dried on grime off any surface
  8. Power cord is long enough to give you a lot of freedom of movement
  9. Steam is released with the push/pull of the mop – No need for constant adjustments
  10. The amount of dirt this machine removes from hard floors will surprise you – Many people never realized their floors were never really clean before getting this machine

Shark S3501N Cons:

  1. Swivel head means it won’t stand up on its own – You have to lean the handle against a counter or other side area
  2. Super light design doesn’t allow it to be the most robust steam mop out there – However, it does do a pretty good overall job

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