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Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S Gas Powered Power Washer Review

Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S

Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S 3,100 PSI Honda GC190 gas powered heavy duty pressure washer is a large and powerful washer that will definitely get the job done. Sitting atop two very wide and heavy duty wheels this pressure washer has a red metal frame that has storage near the top for the hose and sprayer.

Additionally near the top there are also the selection buttons that allow you to control the sprayer and adjust it to your needs.

With a Honda GC190 engine sitting atop two ten inch double sealed wheels this pressure washer cleans with 3100 PSI coming from the ergonomic spray gun. Perfect for commercial and residential use and is for those who want the job done right the first time and in less time!

Product Features

  1. 10 inch tires that are double sealed
  2. A Honda gC190 engine
  3. Ergonomic spray gone with 3100 PSI
  4. Onboard storage
  5. Gas powered

Final Analysis


  1. This Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S powerful beast of a pressure washer will definitely amaze you with its durability and quality.
  2. With a Honda engine powering it this Simpson Megashot pressure washer can shoot out water at an astonishing 3,100 PSI.
  3. When you go to use it you can easily roll this heavy pressure washer around on the steel frame and thick tires.
  4. Once you’re done the storage is definitely handy and you can clean it up and store it away in just minutes.
  5. Additionally this gas powered washer makes it easy to travel around and clean without having to worry about cords!


  1. When considering your pressure washing needs, some people definitely don’t need a heavy duty and expensive pressure washer like this one. This model is great for those who consistently need a pressure washer and, because its gas powered, you can’t use it in California unfortunately. Despite that it is definitely a must have for those who need the power and convenience this model offers!

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