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Splitting Mauls Buying Guide

When looking for a new splitting axe, there are certain things that you should be on the lookout for. Not all splitting axes are created equal, not by a long shot, so the best thing you can do is find one with the features you need at a price that you can live with.

With that said, let’s get to looking at what you should be considering when shopping for a new splitting axe.

1. Head Weight

The weight of the head will determine how much driving force you’re actually able to put behind an axe swing. Depending on the application you need to use the axe for, head weights can range from 1-5 lbs or even heavier.

Choosing an axe based on this criteria factor pretty much comes down to what you’re needing to accomplish. Experienced axe wielders already know what head weight range they’ll be needing for their axe projects.

2. Face Width

The width of the axe face plays a critical roll in how much material it’s able to go through with a single swing. Anywhere from 2 1/2″ to 4″ face width is average for an axe, and you’ll find that some axes will work better for certain applications better than they’ll work for others.

For example, an axe that has a 4″ face width but not a large head weight wouldn’t be appropriate for some tasks, but would be more appropriate for others. In a similar instance, a 2 1/2″ face width with a 5 lb head weight will be better suited to certain jobs, while a different axe design schematic will be more appropriate for other jobs.

3. Handle Length

The length of the handle plays a big part in how much velocity your swing will have to it. The head weight also plays a roll in velocity as well. As far as handle lengths are concerned, you should be looking for a handle length of around 10″ to 31″ for the highest amount of velocity. If you don’t need your axe to play a high velocity role, then a smaller design might be more appropriate.

4. Sheath

Having a leather sheath to be included with the axe is important because it keeps it protected. Not only does it keep the axe head safe, but it prevents accidents from happening as well. As we all know, axes can be very dangerous because they’re so sharp, but as long as you have it sheathed up, accidents won’t be prone to happening.

5. Amazon Review Score And Manufacturer

The Amazon review score has become one of a shoppers best friends when it comes to picking quality products. If you aren’t already doing so, be sure to read all the Amazon reviews for any product you’re considering.

You’ll learn the positive and negative aspects of the products and whether or not it’s a safe overall buy. Also, be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer. Some good manufacturers of axes these days are Gransfors-Bruks, Estwing, Cold Steel, and Condor.

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