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Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat Review

Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat

Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat

The Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat brings together a pattern and schoolhouse basics that make learning the fundamentals fun while playing.

This splat mat will keep your floor clean while your little one is eating during mealtime and learning new skills at the same time. Your little one will be able to put their imagination and mini artist creativity to work.

This splat mat measures around 42 x 42 inches and is made with laminated cotton canvas as well as has a storage pouch that is re-usable and is easily wiped cleaned and line dried.

Product Features:

  1. Made with laminated cotton canvas
  2. Can easily wash in machine and dry
  3. Great for mealtimes, going out for picnics or doing art projects
  4. Perfect for protecting floor while babies are eating
  5. Comes with the storage pouch that is re-usable


  1. This splat mat is great for placing underneath the baby’s high chair and protects your floor during a game of drop it or when food gets spilled.
  2. In addition, it is really simple to clean and all you need is a few clorox wipes to do the job, plus it disinfects it too so no worry about germs.
  3. It is heavyweight canvas and a great size to catch everything that falls on it and you can easily sweep up any crumbs afterwards or wipe little messes.
  4. No need to buy those disposable highchair mats that are so flimsy anymore and the design on this thing which is the alphabet is cute.
  5. This mat is just perfect for families who have carpet in their dining areas as it will protect them.


  1. The only downside with this splat mat is that if you stand on it, your feet will stick to it, but this is a minor inconvenience when compared to all the other great features the Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat has to offer.

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