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Summer Infant Extra Tall Metal Expansion Baby Gate Review

Summer Infant Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate

Summer Infant Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate

The Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate will fit openings that are between 44 and 72 in. wide and will securely mount to walls with the hardware included.

The gate is very convenient for parents since it can be opened easily with a single hand and you can remove it when not using it.

It is 36 inches tall so it is perfect for older kids and pets to keep them them away from certain areas of your home.

Product Features:

  1. Can fit 44 to 72 in. openings and is 36 in. tall
  2. Compliment any new and modern home with its bronze, stylish finish
  3. Perfect for extra-wide openings and double doorways with the safe hardware mount design
  4. One handed arched, stylish walk-thru door
  5. Includes 4 extensions


  1. It really looks good when you have it up.
  2. It is super sturdy and simple to take off if you need to.
  3. What is really great about this gate is you can remove it easily and then re install it when you need to.
  4. It attaches to the wall securely and because of the twist and lock pieces on its sides, you can easily lift it off when you do not need it and place back in the connectors and lock in place.
  5. It is easy to assemble too and easy to operate when you have your toddler in your arms.


  1. It is not meant to mount on curvy baseboards, only flat wall surfaces or straight baseboards.
  2. Also, if you push on the middle of this gate it will move about a fraction of an inch, however, if you place a piece of felt paper or something under it, this will keep it in place so your hardwoods won’t get scratched up.

Because of this we have rated the Summer Infant Stylish n’ Secure Safety Gate our third pick for safety baby gates.

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