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Teutonia T-Linx Travel System Review

The Teutonia T-Linx System offers everything you need in a travel system including the infant t-tario 35 car seat, the stroller seat as well as the car seat adapter. You get a compact stroller that is also maneuverable and very light which makes it really ideal for the times you are running errands with your child.

Teutonia T-Linx Travel System

Teutonia T-Linx Travel System

The t-linx comes with the unique handle that is reversible so you can easily flip it instantly with only one hand and this will change your baby’s view.

Product Features:

  1. Comes with the teutonia stroller seat, the t-tario 35 car seat that holds from 5 to 35 lbs, the rain cover and the car seat adapter for infant
  2. Includes a handle that is reversible as well as both rear and front facing reversible seat unit
  3. Includes front spring suspension without having flat air tires
  4. Comes with basket storage that is easy to get to, cup holders and seat back storage
  5. Made with water resistant and 50+ UV protection fabric


  1. This travel system is brilliant and is so simple to fold up with only two steps to follow with only one hand.
  2. It is lightweight and has a great functioning tire suspension as well as steering/handling system and it includes hooks, nets and other accessories.
  3. This system is so simple to put together and take apart and it is not small like other strollers but fairly big, comfortable and nice looking.
  4. Baby gets a very smooth ride because of the spring system and can sleep even while hitting bumps.
  5. Whether you are walking outside, in the mall or through bumpy/grassy locations, it just glides right along so smoothly.


  1. The seat handle bar is a little difficult to move over the shade and you do not get a snack tray with this stroller which is disappointing since there is no accessory available at the moment.

Overall, however, the Teutonia T-Linx Travel System is fantastic and really provides a smooth, comfortable ride for your baby while you are out doing errands.

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