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The First Years True Fit Recline C650 Convertible Car Seat Review

The True Fit Recline C650 Convertible Car Seat is an affordable and stylish convertible car seat with a truly unique appearance and some great color choices!

All of the colors are gender neutral and the seat itself can be used in both rear facing and forward facing orientation.

The First Years True Fit Recline C650 Convertible Car Seat

The First Years True Fit Recline C650 Convertible Car Seat

With a sixty-five pound maximum weight limit your little one can be in their First Years True Fit Recline convertible car seat until they are ready for a booster seat – this not only saves you a significant amount of money, but it also makes it incredibly easy to transition!

With tons of adjustable features, a great reclining feature, and the option to remove the headrest in the rear recline position, you will definitely love this convertible car seat and understand why it’s top rated!

Product Features:

  1. Five different color options
  2. Removable head rest and adjustable harness
  3. Easily converts from rear to forward facing
  4. Holds children from 5-65 pounds
  5. Two position recline

Overall, The True Fit Recline C650 Convertible Car Seat is definitely a great option for parents especially if you have a roomier car!

True Fit Recline C650 Pros:

  1. Comfortable for children – Many parents point out that their child fall asleep in True Fit Recline C650 after only a few minutes. It’s really that comfortable.
  2. Harness locks well – The harness is a super important element and this one locks very well. It’s firm and durable.
  3. Stays in place – Even with a bumpy ride, the First Years True Fit is firm and sits still. This feature will keep the child happy and asleep during the whole drive.
  4. Roomy – It’s made to fit any sized child and is roomy. It’s also easy for a child to be placed inside of.
  5. Easy to install – The True Fit Recline C650 only takes a few minutes to install into nearly every car.
  6. Easy to clean – Cleaning is very quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to take apart and clean.
  7. Has a recline – Few car seats provide a recline feature. The True Fit Recline C650 provides an easy to set and change reclining feature that the child will love.
  8. Confident that it’s safe – It’s a long lasting and durable so that parents are able to trust that their child is completely safe in the car seat.
  9. Easy to remove – The True Fit Recline C650 is a quick snap to remove which makes it stress free.
  10. Neutral design – It’s not made with blue or pink which makes it perfect for both baby girls and baby boys. It also makes it easy to give as a gift when one doesn’t know the sex of the baby.
  11. The head rest is removable – Which makes it great for when it’s in the rear facing position – something that many other convertible car seats don’t have.
  12. It has a great cup holder – You don’t have to buy one separately.
  13. The color schemes are fantastic – The color coded belt positioners really help when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to fiddle with them forever!

True Fit Recline C650 Cons:

  1. Straps are difficult to adjust – They can take awhile to move up and down. Many parents found it annoying to change them during different weather conditions.
  2. Not for a small car – The True Fit Recline C650 is heavy and it’s not made for small cars because of it’s weight and how large it is.
  3. Its weight limit is slightly under its competitors – Just five pounds under.

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